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One of my new year’s goals this year was to go on more little adventures. That desire coupled with my husband’s obsession for Joe Rogan prompted this adventure I’m going to share with you guys.

My husband and I made a mini road trip to Charlotte, NC! We stayed in Charlotte for the night and explored the city together Saturday and Sunday.


After our three-hour road trip, we made it to our hotel in Uptown Charlotte just around lunchtime. We spontaneously decided to take a short walk to the nearest Chipotle.

I grew up walking around Chicago, so I was expecting a similar feel to Charlotte. And I will say, I was totally wrong. Charlotte is definitely more “low key” if that makes sense. It’s not as touristy. On our walk there and back we maybe encountered a handful of people total.

One thing Mike and I were both thrown off by on our walk is we kept passing by a ton of abandoned lime green bikes. We ended up googling why people just abandon the bikes and found out that with LimeBike you don’t have to return them to a docking station like the competing bike share companies. We both thought that was cool!

I then convinced Mike to check out The Sleepy Poet Mall with me. At over 55,000 square feet, this place is absolutely massive. It is most definitely jam-packed with all kinds of treasures (I even literally lost my husband at one point).  Our phones didn’t have service, and I thought I was seriously just going to have to meet him in the car. We were both checking out all the different vendors. He even enjoyed looking through all the stuff which says a lot because he isn’t a thrifter.

Unfortunately, we only had an hour before we had to go to dinner, so I didn’t get to check out nearly the entire store. I could honestly spend days in here and still not see everything. But, I still wanted to share with you a few of the cool things I found! It was literal thrift store heaven (aside from the antique prices).

You may recognize this photo I shared in my Spring favorites, but I was so excited to share my boots with you I didn’t get to share how beautiful I think this vintage kilim rug is. But because it was so worn and pricey, I skipped on it. My new mission is to find a beautiful rug in a “regular” thrift store. Stay tuned.

How epically weird is this devil walking post?!? It’s one of those things I’d categorize as “creepy cool”. If this isn’t a conversation piece, I don’t know what is.

In a section with a lot of mid-century modern furniture, I found this brass unicorn. I could imagine this styled in an eclectic living room or even a little girl’s nursery. Super gorgeous, but at $95, it is unfortunately out of my price range. There is nothing wrong with gathering inspiration while shopping and finding similar pieces elsewhere.

Mike found this amazing section of Life magazines. The earliest dating back to the 30’s. There was a whole other section to the right of this photo featuring editions from the 80’s and above. We enjoyed looking through all the old headlines. These old magazines would look amazing framed as wall decor. I love using different art mediums as wall art.

For dinner, we went to my favorite sushi restaurant, Cowfish. We first discovered Cowfish on our vacation to Universal Studios last winter. When I found out there was in Charlotte I knew we had to go back! Cowfish essentially offers just burgers and sushi- but are you ready? They offer burgushi! Which you can probably guess is a mix of burgers and sushi.

One tip I have if you’re planning on going to this Cowfish location is if you’re quoted a long wait time just sit down in the waiting area near the bar and wait for someone to get up. The bar is full service and instead of waiting 45 minutes we waited under 5 minutes!

Their classic sushi is so good I just couldn’t order anything else. I love their nigiri (the yellowtail is my favorite), but this time I got three salmon and three yellowtail. They serve the nigiri a la carte here, which just means you pay per piece of sushi you order. I paid three dollars each piece of sushi I ordered.

We had tickets for The Joe Rogan’s Strange Times Comedy Show at 10:30. Spoiler alert:  I had an absolute blast! This was my first comedy show ever. What originally sparked the weekend trip was Joe Rogan’s tour. As I mentioned, my husband is a huge Joe Rogan fan. So much so that I thought there was a good chance he might leave me for Joe that night.

We had been informed via email a day before the show that we weren’t allowed to have our phones. I wasn’t sure how they were going to enforce this rule, but the technology actually impressed me. They had individual phone pouches by a company called Yondr. The pouch has a lock at the top that locks closed like a magnet almost. It reminded me of clothing security tags. There was also an area dedicated to unlocking the phone with the device in case of an emergency.

I absolutely loved being disconnected for awhile; it was so nice to just focus on the moment. I highly recommend if you have a chance to check out the show!


The next morning was Easter Sunday. I still had several places on my list that I wanted to check out.

We decided to go to the Southpark Mall next to the restaurant we had dinner at. Unfortunately, they closed down the entire mall for the day because of the holiday. Even though we weren’t able to check it out you can tell from the outside it is a super “fancy” mall. I was so looking forward to checking out the Lucky store, but I guess I’ll have to wait to explore this mall until next time.

Then it dawned on me to google the places I wanted to go to see if they were open. The main one I wanted to check out was Buffalo Exchange, but they were closed too. Buffalo Exchange is a clothing resale store that buys and sells used clothes. I have never shopped in one before, but plan to in the future.

If you plan on going to Charlotte to explore, definitely make sure not to go on a holiday because it seems like a lot of the town shuts down. Aside from places like Target of course, but whenever I visit somewhere new I like to check out things that I can’t at home. Go on a regular weekend and you’ll be golden!

Even though I am disappointed we didn’t get to check out more thrift stores and small businesses, I am still so happy we went to Charlotte for a lil’ mini adventure. We loved walking around exploring uptown Charlotte.

If all goes as planned this is just the start of our adventures this year. There is a quote that has stuck with me since I discovered it, “Before it’s your favorite place, it’s a place you’ve never been”.

Hopefully, this post inspired you to visit somewhere new! Have you been to Charlotte, NC before? Tell me all your favorite spots (so I can check them out next time)! Extra points if you share your favorite local thrift store.

-The Galista

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  1. I wish I had known about The Sleepy Poet Mall when I visited Charlotte a couple years ago! That would have been cool to check out. Next time you’re in Charlotte, go to Flying Biscuit Cafe for breakfast. They have the best apple butter.
    Taralynn at simplytaralynn.com lives in Charlotte and has lots of great recommendations for places to eat.

    1. Ooooo! You just can’t beat breakfast food. Next time I am in Charlotte I’m going to have to check it out. And thank you for the blog recommendation, Jessica!

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