Round 2 Sale Alert

Gals! I just spotted a very loved and well-known wallet on clearance at Belk. Are you sick of the sale alerts on this double clutch wallet yet? Christmas is right around the corner, and I just can’t not share such an amazing deal on one of my all-time favorite pieces.

The Hobo Lauren Wallet is currently on sale for $71.99 at Belk. The sale styles are the colors “Lemongrass” and my personal favorite “Earth”. This wallet originally retails for $128, so at almost half off it’s a complete steal! Just to put it in perspective I’ve seen multiple people sell these USED for $50 on Poshmark.

Unfortunately, all other coupon codes will not stack with this item. I tried both the $10 off $20 email code and the “SAVEMORE” code with no luck. This purchase does thankfully qualify for free shipping, and there is no code necessary.

I do want to note that Nordstrom Rack has this style of wallet listed. The styles on sale are very similar to the previous deal I posted from their site once before. Although, some of the prices are lower I personally like the colors offered on Belk best and would be willing to pay the difference for a color I liked. There are six different color options on Nordstrom Rack, so it is definitely worth checking out both sites to see what style you like best.

If you aren’t convinced how amazing this wallet is, check out why I love them so much here. It was number one recommendation on last year’s gift guide for good reason.  I am confident I will never stop recommending this wallet. Treat yourself or treat a loved one! I’m convinced you’ll thank me later.