Thrift With Me and Thrift Haul #1

Hey everyone, welcome back!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you a Thrift With Me and a Thrift Haul. This is a series I’d like to start to showcase all the cool thrift stores I visit, and what I pick up.

Oh my goodness, if you didn’t read my About Me page, then now is the time I must disclose my serious obsession for all things thrifted. Some people get overwhelmed digging through “junk”, but it excites me even more when I find a gem amongst all the stuff.

These goodies were thrifted in June while my husband and I were visiting our families in Indiana. Whenever my mom and I reunite we always go thrifting. It is our thing.

Thrift With Me and Thrift Haul #1 - The Galista
Northern Traders. Rochester, IN.

The location I visited this trip was Northern Traders, located on Old 31 in Rochester, Indiana. It is two warehouses that are side by side. Each warehouse is divided into sections for each “vendor”.

How it works is each vendor showcases their items. Usually, you can find quite a few of the vendors will be offering a percentage off the items in their section. You pay all at once at the end of each warehouse. There is a place to check out in each building. Also, they do take card so if you’re like me and don’t normally carry around cash you won’t have to worry about having to pull out cash from an ATM. Thank goodness!

It was the first time I had been to this thrift store, and oh my goodness when I walked in and there was a warehouse full of goodies my heart did a little happy dance. The shop also has an old dog that just hangs out at the cash register. Warehouse of thrifted goods+ a dog= I’m swooning already.

Thrift With Me and Thrift Haul #1 - The GalistaWe were looking around, and I saw this first babe from far away in one of the records sections. I was immediately drawn to the graphic on it. Something about the way graphics were done back then I’m just loving.

I’ll totally admit I don’t own a record player but I wanted to display this piece for the artwork on the front. Sometimes I come up with little stories in my head for each piece. This woman’s husband was enlisted in the Army, and they are affectionately saying their goodbyes as he prepares to go fight in the war. Besides I just love the title, “Love Stinks”. I had to have it even though it was the most expensive of my finds that day. $4. Breaking the bank, I know.

Thrift With Me and Thrift Haul #1 - The GalistaFor the piece, I wanted to display the records in I needed at least two records. So the search began to find a record that would compliment the first became my mission for the rest of the trip. I ended up finding this beautiful piece.

This one has what I’m assuming is the old owner’s name in sharpie, but I don’t mind. I also had a hard time removing the paper price tag in the top right-hand corner. For $1.00, I still enjoy it.

I thought the two graphics from each record went splendidly together. See what I did there? Anyone? Maybe that pun was a bit of a stretch.

Thrift With Me and Thrift Haul #1 - The GalistaNext, I found this set of vintage butterfly prints. Unfortunately, I did not end up snatching them up. I am still 100% upset with myself for it. They were $5.00 each. Sometimes, I am too cheap and it bites me in the rear end later. I was expecting them to be $5.00 for the pair.

That is the catch with thrifting you have to jump on anything you like or you will likely miss out.

Do any of you get in the thrift mindset where even though something is totally cheap compared to retail you almost expect everything to be 50 cents?

But look how gorgeous they are. They give me bohemian vibes. I wasn’t as boho obsessed in June, but I have caught the boho bug now. I’m A-OK with it too.

Thrift With Me and Thrift Haul #1 - The GalistaThey even had old stamps, and I found a vintage Heinz Ketchup phone. If I needed a landline in my life, that totally would have happened. My mom went back in October, and it was still there!! They had it priced at $24.50.

It is totally a cool place though with heaps of good stuff to be found. I will definitely be visiting whenever I go back to Indiana again.

Thank you again for reading! Please leave in the comments below what your all-time favorite thrift store or thrift piece is. I’d LOVE to hear about it.

No. Seriously. Feed my thrift bug, pretty please.

-The Galista