Spring Free People Dupes from Target

Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

Calling all gals on a budget!

Have you been swooning over gorgeous Free People pieces, but you just can’t bring yourself to drop huge chunks of change to keep up with the trends?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Free People and would love to be able to splurge on their quality pieces. But that is just not my reality. I need to stretch my dollar further than that. Luckily for you (and myself), I’ve found some great alternatives. Even better is I found them all from Target!

Target has been crushing the affordable style game this season! Whether it is the Opalhouse line duping Anthropologie, the Hunter X Target collection or these Free People look-alikes Target is sure to keep all you ladies (like myself) “balling on a budget” head to toe this season!

I’ve included some pieces that are exact style dupes and others that are not exactly the same shape/color, but that will still give you the same look for less!

Without further ado, let’s get into the five dupes!

Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

I see all kinds of fashion bloggers posting outfit of the day’s in these gorgeous Free People flats. So I was so incredibly excited when I saw that Target had an affordable option!

Out of all the dupes I have to share with you, these are the most spot on to the original. Though worth mentioning, Free People’s version is genuine leather and currently is offered in 9 colors. So if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will hold up, these certainly don’t have a reputation for no reason.

The Universal Thread version is offered in an “Ivory” and “Cognac” color. I’ve been lusting over these shoes and I am impatiently waiting for a restock. If they are in your size, R-U-N! You just can’t beat saving $165!

Hats off to Target for allowing us affordable babes to channel our inner fashion blogger in these cutout booties.


Cutout Booties: To Invest In    For Less




Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

This pair of wrap sandals is the second similarity I found in the Universal Thread line from Target. Even though they aren’t a perfect match to the first pair of shoes you can still get the same look with the cheaper version and save $58.01!

A strappy pair of black sandals is such a basic spring essential! Pair them up with a cute sundress or a simple tank and denim jeans. Effortless!

Black sandals:  To Invest In      For Less




Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

These metallic bow sandals are another spot on dupe! This pair of shoes combines two of the hottest trends right now: metallics and bows!

Such a fun statement shoe for the spring and summer.

Metallic Bow Statement Sandal: To Invest In        For Less



Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

Another super fun spring trend is statement earrings. These fun earrings will add such a great pop of color to any basic outfit.

I love that the New Day earrings allow you to achieve the trend for just $10. That way if you aren’t feeling it, you don’t have to regret forking over all your hard earned cash!

Statment Tassel Earrings: To Invest In      For Less


Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

Spring Free People Dupes From Target - get the look for less. http://thegalista.com

Straw bags are having their moment! All the stores are selling them, and all the influencers are carrying them.

Not only can you carry one of these fun totes to the beach but adding one of these fun bags will give a spring flare to any outfit.


Straw Handbag: To Invest In     For Less



Just for fun, I added up the total if you were to buy all five items from each store. The Free People total was $500 exact! And drumroll please… the Target total was $110.95! You could literally buy all five of these items from Target and still not spend as much as you would on the Free People Royale Flats alone.

I hope you guys loved this post today as much as I loved creating it! As you know, I love to shop for less. That is why I love sharing with you guys ideas on how you can still dress cute and trendy while maintaining your budget.

If you would like me to find any affordable dupes with another brand let me know in the comments below!


-The Galista

The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques

The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista


We have all been there you’re in your pajamas binge-watching Netflix when you realize you don’t have an outfit for an upcoming event. I’ve gathered a list of the top five online clothing boutiques, so you order cute trendy clothes without ever leaving your comfy couch or PJ’s.

I don’t know about you, but a few years ago I never thought I would see the day where I would stop shopping at Forever 21. I used to go into Forever 21 and carry around a pile of clothes to try on in the dressing room, and I’d have to force myself to narrow it down. But aside from a few accessories, I don’t ever shop in F21 anymore. Not only do I not find anything that fits my style, but the quality can be hit and miss.

If you are at that in-between stage where you don’t quite know where to shop online, and you are afraid of those sketchy scam websites (you know which ones I’m talking about) I’ve found some reputable small businesses that are not too much more expensive. What’s great about these five boutiques is the quality of the products won’t disappoint. Not to mention that even though these boutiques all have a serious fan base most people you know will be shopping at the mall, so you won’t wind up wearing the exact same thing as everyone else.

Not only have I listed my top five boutiques, but I’ve also selected my favorite pieces from each site. Clicking on the photo above each boutique will take you right to the website. Yay for easy shopping!

Whether you’re looking for a birthday outfit or getting ready for spring break, grab a snack and get your credit card ready here are five of my favorite online boutiques.



The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Sweetest Bohemian Gypsy Lace Maxi Dress in “Chloe Yellow” $65.00 Right: Luciana Cutout Jumpsuit in “D. Rose” $49.00

Nana Macs

Nana Macs, based out of Coeur D Alene, Idaho, is the boutique that started my full-blown obsession. Not only does Nana Macs have the cutest unique and trendy clothes, their models are super sweet and helpful.

Every Monday-Friday you can find them hosting Facebook lives around 4 PM PST featuring all the new arrivals and restocks. Guys, they also offer a 15% off military discount to active duty and veterans. The best part is shipping is free on all orders within the U.S.

Upon popular demand, they also just recently released a curvy line. I don’t see a lot of online boutiques catering to plus size customers, so I think this is totally awesome!

My favorite piece I own from Nana Macs is their New Romantics Lace Bralette, though I swoon over just about everything that they sell.





The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Seven Seas Patchwork Print Kimono $34.95 Right: Cher Crushed Velvet Flare Pants in “Navy” $28.95

Three Birds Nest

Good news boho babes if you’re looking for clothing or accessories you don’t need to look any further, Three Birds Nest is going to be your new obsession.

My personal favorite from Three Birds Nest is their accessories. I’ve mentioned their messy bun beanies before, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their jewelry pieces either. If you’re into turquoise or leather elements, you’re about to be in jewelry heaven. Hello, bohemian goddesses!





The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Teal Braided Tee $30 Right: Lace Up Bootie Camel $49

Rosie Daze

This is a new trendy online boutique, started by a military wife and Youtuber, Casey Holmes. Though I am a huge fan of Casey Holmes, her boutique truly does speak for itself.

Aside from the cute clothes and accessories, Rosie Daze just started selling dog logo tees ($33.00). Each month 15% of the proceeds from the dog logo tee is donated to an animal shelter or rescue in need. As a fellow dog mom, I find this especially sweet because after all her boutique is named after her two rescued pups.





The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Bicoastal Striped Adjustable Maxi Dress $54.00 Right: Padua Embroidered Off The Shoulder Top in “Black” $48.00


Vici is another online boutique with many to-die-for pieces. You can find pieces right on-trend like the striped dress and embroidered top above.

This is a great example of how shopping with a “small” boutique allows you to follow the spring trends and have unique pieces not everyone else will own.





The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Walk With The Wild Kimono in “Ivory/Black” $38.99 Right: Spring Me To Life Set in “Red/White” $54.99

Shop Hopes

Shop Hopes, based out of Georgia, sells clothing that perfectly blends southern charm with a little bit of bohemian.  Just like Nana Macs, Shop Hopes offers free ground shipping within the U.S. Yay!!

If you have a fourth of July party, this two-piece jumpsuit would look absolutely amazing. I know some of you may think it’s crazy to plan outfits out that far, but this piece just screams the perfect Independence day outfit. Plus you can be festive without going overboard.




Happy shopping, gals! I hope you found a new boutique to love.

If you have a favorite online boutique I didn’t list here leave it for me in the comment section! I am always down for a new place to shop 😉


-The Galista

Collective Haul: Target Home Haul, Boutique Sale, Thrift and More


Hey, gals!!

Today I’m going to be sharing some things I have picked up in the last few months from a couple different stores. I know I’m not the only one on a budget. Whether you are a single parent or a military wife like me, I am proof you don’t have to stop shopping when you are on a budget.

Instead, you just have to strategically shop the sales. Try not to pay the full retail price, especially if you know the store normally does frequent sales. “Baller on a budget” is my mantra.



Trip 1

What first inspired this trip was that I kept seeing so many people sharing amazing deals on the holiday collection. I’m talking things that you wouldn’t even think were part of the holiday collection (like items other than ornaments, etc). Then I also saw that the Bullseye Playground had a boho themed collection and that is when I knew without a doubt I was going to Target. Side note: Do you any of you guys remember when Bullseye Playground was known as the Dollar Spot? That is also when I used to call Target “Tar-jay”.

As always I started at the dollar spot, but it was unfortunately pretty picked over. They only had a few mini succulents and two catch-alls when I went. That didn’t stop me from picking up this super cute cactus catch-all (not because I need another catch-all) but because I love all things cactus lately. This little cactus cutie was $3.00.

TARGET SAVINGS TIP: If you didn’t know always make sure to scan your items at Target’s self-scanners. The red scanners are placed all around the store and are easily one of my favorite things about Target. I wish other stores did this so you wouldn’t have to bother an employee by asking how much an item is.

I’ve found some MAJOR deals just by double checking items I was interested in. (Spoiler alert: This is how I found these next three deals).

Then I stumbled upon the Hearth and Hand line that Joanna Gaines and Target collaborated on. I ended up finding the ginormous jade vase I mentioned in a previous post. It was the only one left which is the only reason why I thought to scan it. I AM SO HAPPY I DID. Guys, it wasn’t marked clearance AT ALL but guess what it rang up for $6 and some change originally $22.99. I quickly put that guy back in my cart.

The photo doesn’t do it justice at all. I haven’t styled it yet, but I plan to decorate it with some greenery or I may make a D-I-Y vase filler.

Also part of the “holiday sale” I picked up these two gorgeous glasses. I love the colors, and they were only $1 and some change each. Originally $4.99. To be completely honest, I don’t need the drinkware. We have a ton but I think I am going to plant cacti in them or make them into candles.

In my opinion, once you have a developed style decorating on a budget means grabbing a bunch of pieces you know that fit into your style and then piecing them together later.


Trip 2


Fast forward to a few days after Valentine’s Day. Mike took me to Target and bought this lamp I have been swooning over for about two years. We don’t normally go crazy for Valentine’s day, normally we just exchange our favorite chocolates and a card. But hey, cupid sent me a gorgeous mid-century modern -esque lamp this year and I’m not complaining.

Our base housing needs some serious help in the light department, so I gratefully accepted the gift. I quickly hid all of the ugly cords behind a blanket basket. Wall decor in this corner is next.


Local Semi-Annual Boutique Sale

Moving on to what I found at a major boutique sale. I never thought I’d see the day but I don’t shop at Forever 21 since I moved here in my style definitely aligns more with the products boutiques sale.

The boutique I found these next items at is called Altar’d State, and it is what my dreams are made of. Only, everything is typically so out of my price range. Thankfully they had a lot of the store marked down and since they were doing a semi-annual sale everything that was on sale was also an additional 40% off.


My first find from Altar’d State was this super cute wrap bracelet. Originally $19.95, but I got it for $5.95. I love arm candy and am always looking to add affordable new pieces I can stack.


Right next to the bracelets was a basket of bralettes and I immediately pulled out this gorgeous wine bralette off the top. After all the sales, I paid just $4.00. You can’t even find that at Walmart. These are the deals I live for.


This is the item I’m most excited about from the boutique sale. I found this adorable dog mom hat that I have been searching forever for. Guess how much I paid for this one?! $5.95 it was originally $24.95.

Mike thought I shouldn’t get it because I’m not huge into hats, but I’ve been eyeing hats with “Dog Mom” for a while. At that price, it was a now or never moment.


Carolina Thrift


After the mall, I stopped by a nearby thrift store called Carolina Thrift. It was just a few days before a big 50% off the entire store sale, so the store was picked over. I ended up only finding this Jcrew basic v-neck in this gorgeous mustard shade.

I paid $3.99 for this wrinkled beauty. As you can probably tell, this shade is totally my jam. ” I’ll take one of everything mustard toned, please”, she said shopping.


Bare Minerals


The last items I wanted to share with you today are from a Bare Minerals sale. I got this matte liquid lipstick, mini kabuki, and eyelash brush all for $5.09 shipped. The original price of the liquid lipstick alone is $19.00.

If you want to know how I find such great deals like this check out this post where I share with you one of my favorite ways to scope out deals.



I’m quite obsessed with watching hauls on YouTube, but I’m not sure if anyone is interested in hauls in a non-video format. Let me know if you like this kind of post or if you just prefer to watch hauls in video format.

What is a recent purchase you are most excited about? Bonus points for attached photos!


-The Galista

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The GalistaValentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista


Love is in the air, guys and gals! I have gathered a list of seven affordable gift ideas for all the romantics at heart.

Whether you are a gentleman trying to treat your lady or maybe you are a wife looking for a gift for your spouse, the special one in your life will be feeling all the love after receiving one of these gifts. (Links to products mentioned are provided throughout the post, so you can maximize your cuddle time this month.)


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

1. Body Paint Kit

Want home decor unique to you and your love? Love is Art is a body paint kit you and your significant other use to create art while making love to each other. (Sorry, mom.)

There are currently 24 different sets you can purchase on their website. A signature set comes with a plastic tarp, treated canvas, 4 oz bottle of paint, disposable slippers, and a body scrubber. The kits range in price from $60- $1,000. (Don’t worry guys the $1,000 price tag is only for the gallery edition).

After you have created your masterpiece you can pay to have it stretched locally or they sell the stretching kit on their site, and you can do it yourself. Hang it up and enjoy sharing how you created this piece of art with all your guests.


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

2. Scentbird

I have suggested Scentbird in a previous gift guide; however, I just think it makes such a great gift I couldn’t help but feature it again. If you aren’t familiar a Scentbird subscription comes with a 30 day supply of a designer fragrance for just $14.95. They offer over 450 different fragrances to choose from.

This is such a great deal considering rollerballs with less product go for more money through any other retailer. For example, Macy’s sells Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue 0.25 oz rollerball for $29. With a subscription through Scentbird, you can get the same perfume in a 0.27 oz spray for the $14.95.


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

3. Personalized handwriting jewelry or roman numerals

Jewelry for Valentine’s day is a common gift idea, but why not take your gifting game a step higher with a personalized jewelry?  This rose gold Roman numeral necklace by Gold Crush Jewelry starts at $69. Add the date of your first date or your anniversary and wow your girl.


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

4. Bouqs

This is a classic gift idea, but there is a reason flowers are a go-to. They are timeless. Bouqs specifically has absolutely gorgeous arrangements. If you girl isn’t a rose girl don’t worry, Bouqs has so many arrangements to choose from.

Bouquets typically start around $40-$60.


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

5. Star Home Decor

The Night Sky, my personal favorite option on this gift guide, is a customizable star map. There are many like this out on the internet, but after doing some research I have come to the conclusion this is the most credible and well reviewed.

The process of customizing your own star map is super easy. Choose the location and date then customize the message and other design elements. Add your anniversary date or even the day of a child’s birth and bring your spouse to tears.

For a 18″x24″ high-quality print you can expect to pay $60. As a side note, you are purchasing only the print it does not come framed. It may seem like a steep price, but when you take into account how many years your love will cherish this gift I believe it is well worth it.


6. Boudoir photos

Truly a gift for the both of you! Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie, and book a boudoir session with a local boudoir photographer. Not only will your significant other love the photos but having sexy photos taken of yourself can be a great confidence boost!

You could even create a book of your boudoir photos and gift it. So many options!


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

7. Scratch off Map

If you and your significant other are the adventurous type, gift this awesome scratch off map so you can document all your travels together!

If you’re too uncomfortable with #1, this is another great way to personalize your home with your SO. The standard size retails for $32 and the large for $48.



How are you guys celebrating Valentines Day this year? Will it be a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant or do you like to avoid the crowd and enjoy a cozy movie night in?


– The Galista