Easy Eclectic and Funky DIY Christmas Tree Decor

While scrolling Pinterest this year I came across an Eclectic Home Tour featured on Kelly Elko and fell in love! In the post, she shares Aunt Peaches’ home, and I got so inspired to recreate an element of the Christmas tree she created. I had so much fun putting my own twist on these funky and whimsical tree branches. They are perfect to use as filler in any Christmas tree! I love the uniqueness.

This is a super easy DIY project, so much so I questioned if it was too redundant or “elementary” to post. But I did decide to share because with almost any do it yourself project (especially when I’m not following a tutorial), I learned a few things and wanted to share them with you guys. That way you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

I decided to put my own little spin on the look by mixing store-bought pom poms with handmade ones for the added texture. I found this helped me achieve more of the whimsical look that I was going for. It’s definitely not a traditional style Christmas tree, but I’m not a traditional kind of gal either. This tree fits the bohemian and eclectic vibe I’m going for in my home.

My husband says the tree reminds him of Dr. Suess. I have to agree, and I kind of love it. Anyone doing a Dr. Seuss themed tree this year? That would be so fun!

Don’t worry this do-it-yourself project won’t be breaking the bank. You’ll either have these craft supplies lying around the house or you can find them for super cheap at a dollar store or even a thrift shop. Yay for affordable DIY projects!!


foraged tree branches

white acrylic paint (and/or) white spray paint



store-bought fuzzy pom poms

hot glue gun

glue sticks

foam paintbrush


How to:

Step 1:

Collect various sizes of sticks from your yard or a nearby forest. Look specifically for ones that have multiple connections off of the original branch. (Example stick in the next photo).

Step 2:

Easy Eclectic and Funky DIY Christmas Tree Decor- The Galista

Paint the stick with a white acrylic paint. I strongly recommend using white acrylic paint and stippling it on with a foam brush. Hand painting is much quicker than spray painting.

Though you could use spray paint or a combination of both. Just know you’ll probably have to do several coats of spray paint if you decide to go that route. I originally spray painted the branches first, but ended up using an entire can just to partially cover 6-7 sticks. 

Of course if you choose to use spray paint make sure to spray in a well-ventilated area. 

Step 3:

While the sticks are drying create your preferred size of pom poms using your favorite method. The method I use is the finger method simply because I don’t have a pom pom maker, and I was trying to keep this DIY really low cost. You can go ahead to step four if you are using a different method or already know how to create pom poms.

Pom Pom How To (Hand Method):

Easy Eclectic and Funky DIY Christmas Tree Decor- The Galista
  • Start by wrapping the string around your pointer, middle, and ring fingers. Don’t wrap the yarn too tightly around your fingers (or you won’t be able to slide it off later).
  • How many times you want to wrap your yarn around and how many fingers you use to wrap the yarn determines how big the pom poms become. My medium sized poms ended up being 2 inches, and I wrapped the yarn around about 30 times. This part is really about experimenting a few times to get your desired pom-pom size. If you want a different size, just make a few small adjustments! When you’re finished wrapping cut the string a little above where my left hand is (see Step 2 photo).
  • Carefully slide the bunch of yarn off your fingers. Cut a small piece of yarn and simply lay it under the bundle.
  • Tie it firmly around the entire middle of the bunch. Warning: Make sure to tie it tight enough to secure it, but careful of pulling it so hard you snap the yarn.
  • Now that you’ve created two separate sections, snip all the loops in half all the way around.
  • Trim the ends to a similar length. This doesn’t have to be perfect as you’ll probably need to give it a little haircut at the very end!

Step 4:

Now that you’ve trimmed down all the pom poms, I’m going to let you in on a little secret to getting the perfect pom. No matter what method you’re using to create them, the key to really elevating the look is to brush out the yarn with a comb. 

Just be careful not to go too crazy. I just held the center of the pom pom where I tied the strand, and then brushed it out (center to ends) all the way around.

I mean, the before and after photo speaks for itself! Pom goals!!

Don’t skip this step. It can be time consuming if you’re making a bunch of them, but it’s totally worth it! I’ve made this mistake in a previous DIY, and the result isn’t the true fluffy pom pom’s I’m sure you’re looking for. In my opinion, without this step, the poms just look like tiny skeins of yarn. Unless that’s your end goal, then do you boo!

Step 5:

Finally, plug in your hot glue gun and glue on a mixture of your homemade and store-bought pom poms. I chose to add these fuzzy ones that I picked up from a local thrift store. If you don’t already own some, you could easily find these at the dollar tree in various sizes. I also think these felt ones from the craft store would be really fun.

I loved mixing the different sizes and textures of the homemade and store bought poms to create that eclectic and whimsical look.

The Final Look: 

Here is what the finished product looks like!

I ended up making a total of 8 of these bad guys!! They were so easy to create, and I love the personalized look they give to my tree!

Our home is definitely not a “Pinterest home”, by any means, my husband and I just live in base housing. But I still like to make our space feel homey and fun!

My Inspiration:

Home Tour via Kelly Elko


Original Post

My Christmas Pinterest Board 

I hope this gave you some Christmas inspiration! My blog is all about achieving style on a budget and decorating a Christmas tree is no exception. You can totally create a fun and magical Christmas on a budget!! I’ve gotten so many compliments on our funky little Christmas tree.

I also had so much fun creating these and think this would be so fun to do with kids. When I was a little kid, every Christmas my mom and I would make several ornaments for the tree (and to give as gifts to family). She even has most of them to this day! Creating ornaments for our tree is one of my favorite Christmas memories from my childhood.

As I’m sure you can tell, the joy of DIYing for Christmas still hasn’t left me. My husband got a whole kick out of how much fun I was just hot gluing all the poms to the branches.

Even though the DIY I shared was really easy, I hope you still have fun if you recreate it!! If you do, please tag me on Instagram: @thegalista. I’d love to see your magical Christmas trees and decor regardless! Please feel welcome to share VIA posting a blog comment or messaging me on Facebook or Instagram!

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DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine’s Day

DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista

Today we are going to make these super cute do it yourself macrame keychains to gift to all your girlfriends for Galentine’s Day!

It’s only fitting that Galentine’s Day is featured on the Galista.

If you’re not a Parks and Recreation fan (which let’s just say you totally should be), let me catch you up here. The idea of Galentine’s Day was first created by NBC’s Parks and Recreation in Season 2 Episode 16. Leslie Knope, the main character on the show, creates this holiday to celebrate all the special women in her life. On February 13th, the day before Valentine’s day, all the females in her life leave the boyfriends and husbands behind to celebrate their best gal pals.

Not only do I love the idea of celebrating the amazing women in my life, but I also just miss the magic of exchanging valentines. Anyone else?

If you do, yay! Bohemian is totally having a moment right now, which is what inspired me to create this project. I am all in and totally invested in this project.

Parks and Recreation+ boho vibes+celebrating awesome women+ cheesy pun= why I’m so excited to share this super easy DIY all your gal pals will surely appreciate!

Supplies Needed

  • Keychain rings (I used these Swivel Snap hooks in “Antique Brass” and “Gunmetal”)
  • Yarn of some sort (I used this cotton rope also from Hobby Lobby)
  • Scrapbook paper or Craft Paper
  • Scissors
  • Comb

Before we get into all the steps I’m going to link you some helpful video resources (though I’ll also be showing you in picture form). This was the first macrame I’d ever created so these were super helpful in learning to create the two knots I used. The first basic knot lark’s head knot. And the second is the diagonal half hitch knot also referred to as the diagonal clove hitch knot.

Reform Fibers creates awesome YouTube videos. I definitely recommend you check out the videos if you’d like to see these knots in action.

Let’s get crafty gals!


1. Secure your keychain ring to a table with some tape. This is important so you don’t have to worry about holding your ring in place while you are trying to create your design.
I’ve seen some people hang their piece on a hook but personally, I recommend taping it down. It made the process much easier for me.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
2. Next, if you purchased the same cotton rope “Natural Cord 4.5 mm (SKU:1429513)” as I did your first step is going to be unraveling the 3 pieces wrapped around each other. This will give you smaller strands to work with. These smaller strands will show the detail more.
3. Measure and cut four 37″ strands.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
How To: Lark’s Head Knot
4. Now, we are going to create our first knot (lark’s head knot). Don’t worry it’s super simple. Fold your strands in half, then hold the point in the middle of the keychain ring like so. Now, simply pull the bottom part through the loop. Repeat this four times so all the rope is connected to your keychain ring.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
5. If you purchased a keychain that rotates, turn to the side of the knot that you prefer shows. I like the right best.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
How To: Diagonal Half Hitch Knot
6. We now have 8 strands. We are going to be working in half (only four strands at a time) and joining them later. Take your first strand (also called lead cord) and hold it diagonally to your right.
Now, create a “4” with the second strand over your lead cord. Pull the end up and through the four creating your first diagonal half hitch knot. Now do that again with the same cords. As you go you will knot each strand twice to secure the design.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
7. Continue holding your first strand (your lead cord) diagonally. Now move on to strand 3, place strand 3 over strand one creating a “4”. Pull the strand up and through. Do this a second time to secure the design.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
8. Again, continue holding your first strand at a diagonal to your bottom right. Place strand 4 over strand 1 creating a 4 with the rope. Pull the strand up and through.
As you can see, there are six knots in each row because you are doing each string that isn’t the lead cord twice. Congrats! You have completed your first line of diagonal half hitch knots. If you mess up remember its just knots you can simply undo it and try again!
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
9. To keep things simple we are still going to work on the same side. You are going to repeat what you just did with the first row of knots right under it. Remember to hold your lead cord diagonally down and create the four with each strand. Make 3 total rows as shown above.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
10. It is now time to work on the other side (strands 5-8). Your 8th cord is now your lead cord.  
Hold your lead cord (8th cord) diagonally towards the left and create a backward “4” with the 7th strand over the 8th. You shouldn’t get confused as long as you make sure you are working off your lead cord and making a backward four. I found it helpful to always hold onto my lead cord until I was done with that row that way I didn’t get confused.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
11. You will complete three rows just like you did on the left half.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
How To: Connect the Two Halves
12. It is time to connect the two halves. To do this you just simply take strands 4 and five and make a regular knot and pull it tight. To secure that knot make another diagonal half hitch knot by making a “4” shape again.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
13. Next, make two more diagonal half hitch knot rows on both sides.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
How To: Connect the Two Halves Part 2
14. Connect the two halves together again by making a knot connecting the fourth and fifth strands. Then make a “4” with strand 4 and strand 5 and tighten to secure.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
15. You’re now done with the macrame portion! Yay!! Cut both sides at an upwards diagonal.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
16. Finish the macrame by taking a comb and brush out the strings. Be careful to only get the ends and not any of the knots you just created. I also backcombed my piece to give it a “messier” look.

Stop here if you’re not making Galentine’s

DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
17. Now that we’ve finished the macrame portion we are going to create these simple tags to go with them. I purchased these brown craft paper tags from Hobby Lobby. I love the contrast of the cord against the brown craft paper.
Then I lightly sketched on in pencil the super cheeseball pun, “My life would knot be the same without you.”
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
18. I went over the pencil in a black sharpie. You can, of course, improvise and write the pun however you’d like. That is what is great about DIY’s you can customize the details to suit your taste. I thought about printing out tags, but I decided I wanted to keep the focus on the macrame.
I’m going for the DIY look, so I’m happy with how the tags turned out.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
19. I just wrote “Happy Galentine’s Day” on the back and attached a piece of cute washi tape that I had.
DIY-Mini-Macrame-Keychain-for Galentine's-Day-The-Galista
20. I took a leftover piece of the cotton cord and tied a knot to attach our keychain through the punched hole.

Now, hand out those Galentine’s!

If you missed Galentine’s Day, this is still such a fun year-round DIY. You could give them as birthday gifts or even just make them yourself. Everywhere I looked on Pinterest I couldn’t find any walkthrough tutorials for do-it-yourself macrame keychains so I thought to myself, “Why not create one?”

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I am so proud of the outcome. If you create this please leave a comment on how your girlfriends liked it. I’d love to see photos. Will you be continuing the Galentine’s Day tradition next year?

Happy Galentine’s Day, ladies! As Leslie Knope would say herself “Ovaries before brovaries!”

-The Galista

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Hey, gals! Welcome back!

It is time for my first ever do-it-yourself blog post. I am going to be walking you through how I created this natural bohemian inspired winter wreath using only foraged and affordable materials.

I am super excited for this one because not only is it an easy craft the finished product is just super cute.  There are so many DIY wreaths out there but what I love about this one is that it has the boho feel to it.

Wreaths are unbelievably expensive. An artificial wreath can easily run you $30-$40 just for the base alone. That is in the low price range for wreaths that are in stores this season. The super fancy ones from Front Gate and Neman& Marcus sell for hundreds.

DIY’s do not have to be expensive guys. Total supplies cost me under $10 (I’m including a full spool of yarn in the total price. However, I did not even use close to half a spool of yarn).

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista


Wire wreath form (Found mine at the Dollar Tree)


Floral Wire (can be purchased at Dollar Tree)

Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)


Pruning Shears ( Mine were $3.88 at Walmart)

Foraged Branches (not pictured)

Step 1: Gather materials

First, you need to make sure you have all the essential materials. Most of these materials you probably own already (ie: scissors and a hot glue gun). The supplies that you do not already have on hand should be easy to find and super affordable.

Since we are going to make this wreath out of natural branches you can gather those now. I took a walk right behind my house and found these long needle branches and started clipping away with the pruning shears.

Whatever evergreens you have available would work perfectly pick what you’re drawn to.

Step 2: Organize Foraged Materials by size

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

(Side note: I’m going to apologize once for my horrendous base housing floors. They are my least favorite thing about our house. Please ignore them.)

Here you should make two separate piles of your foraged branches. One pile for your smaller pieces and one for your larger. By doing so it will make it easy to find the piece you need so creating the wreath will be much simpler.

Step 3: Attach first large piece along outer rim with Floral Wire

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

You are going to lay your branch around your wire form and attach it to the outer wire ring with floral wire simply by wrapping the floral wire around the base. I attached once towards the needles and another time further down about 3 inches from the end of the branch.

I didn’t buy floral wire trimmers because the pruner works just fine. No need to purchase unnecessary tools. After all, we are trying to do boho on a budget here!

Step 4: Repeat with another large branch.

You will be repeating step #3 with the large branches all the way around the wire form.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista
The circled spots show where I’ve attached the floral wire.

The further along you get the fuller the wreath will become and you will be attaching the branches to not only the outer rings of the form, but also the center rings.

You’ll want to lay the needles or leaves you are attaching so that they cover the bottom part of the branch. You will be attaching all of the branches over the one before. They should all be facing the same direction like so:

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

When you have made your way almost all the way around the form and you are placing your last large branch you will simply lift up the needles from the very first branch you placed to hide the bottom stick of your last branch.

Step 5: Adjust

Make adjustments till you are happy with the finished product. It is really all about playing around to see what you like best.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista
Notice: Pug supervision is optional but strongly encouraged.

Below I filled in with the smaller branches where I thought it needed it.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista
Before filling in VS. After filling in

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Also, this is the perfect time to flip over the wreath and cut off the excess pieces. You don’t need to over-trim the branches just remove any excess branches that are sticking out too far.

Step 6: Decorate the base/ Create Pom Poms

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Now that we have the foraged base complete you can really decorate however you’d like from here. You can even leave it natural. Adding more foraged greenery and berries or pinecones would look awesome. Great option if you’re going for a super natural look!

However, since I am going for a bohemian feel I thought what better way to achieve the look than to create some pom poms. Pom Poms are just so stinking cute, even the phrase itself is so fun to say. This is personally my favorite step of this do-it-yourself tutorial.

There are so many ways to create pom poms. This was my first time creating them (but certainly not the last). I’m going to share with you my favorite way to make pom poms that I’ve tried so far. AWESOME NEWS GUYS: You only need your scissors, yarn, and your hands. Yay!

For these mini pom poms:

First cut off a piece of yarn about 6 1/2″ and set it aside.


Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Then simply wrap the yarn around your index and middle finger like so about 25 times.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista


Now, slide the wrapped yarn gently off your finger. You can now carefully snip off the connection to the spool of yarn.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

All you have to do now is tie your piece of yarn around the center of the cluster you created. Tie it as tight as possible without breaking the yarn. Do a double knot to ensure it is all secured.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Snip away the loops with your scissors making sure not to cut the middle string or hurt yourself.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

At this point, this (left photo) is what your pom pom will look like. You’ll need to give it a little haircut to make sure it’s all uniform (like the photo on the right).

Lastly, put your fingers on the pom pom and run your fingers over the strings like you’re giving the pom a massage. This is what will make it look super fluffy.

Tada! You have your mini Pom’s. Now repeat with as many colors as you’d like then arrange your poms around your wreath.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Once you’ve decided where you want each pom to go, hot glue them on with a dot of glue.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

I gave my wreath a mini trim so you could see that last pom and that was it.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista


Thanks for checking out my first DIY post today. I am super happy with the finished product and hope you enjoyed it too. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to help you along.

If you recreate this foraged wreath please share a photo with me. I would LOVE to see your recreation!

-The Galista