Meet Bella and Zoey

Happy National Puppy Day, y’all!

I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to my two pugs, Bella and Zoey. The one thing everyone who knows me in “real life” is that I am completely obsessed with my dogs. They are my life. So, I’m going to introduce you to each of them and tell you each of their stories.

The pug love in my family goes really deep. My aunt Michelle was the first in our family to get a pug. Her baby, Vula, made everyone fall in love with pugs. We were hooked. A few years later my family adopted our pug, Verna, who unfortunately passed this past April. She was my absolute world. One pug just simply wasn’t enough for me, I needed another. Which brings me to my first pups story:



A coworker at the time tagged me in a Facebook post that was advertising black pugs for sale, so I got in contact with the seller. Just in time because he only had one left.

When my mom and I went to pick her up she was unfortunately not in a well taken care of home. Even though some people may get upset when they learn I bought her and didn’t adopt her, I don’t regret it at all. Bella’s mom was overbred, and I just couldn’t imagine leaving her knowing that could be her future. Besides I honestly can’t imagine my life without her. I am a firm believer in all dogs deserve a good home.

January 27, 2015: I brought Bella home.

March 30, 2016: Bella made her first long road trip to live with her new dad in North Carolina. (Mike didn’t know it yet, but this was the beginning of his pug love).


Fun Fact: Bella likes to dig for ages only when she gets in bed at night.




One day my friend, Adalina, tagged me in a post about a dog that had been abandoned on a busy street where we live. Luckily, a member of a local rescue was able to get her away from the traffic.

Originally I didn’t know if we should take on another dog mainly because I didn’t think my husband would want another. Get this, he was the driving force behind adopting her! He immediately said yes. The guy who wasn’t sure if he even wanted a dog had officially been converted to a pug enthusiast.

Because of the law, we had to wait a holding period before we could adopt Zoey. In the meantime, Zoey’s foster mom brought her over to my house, so I could see how Bella and Zoey interacted with each other.

September 24, 2016: We brought Zoey home. Bella got a sister, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it.

A crazy story about this day is literally minutes after we adopted her from the rescue we, unfortunately, got into an accident that totaled the first car I bought for myself. Thankfully we were all okay! My dog mom instincts had already kicked in, and I clung to her for dear life. That didn’t stop me from hysterically crying in a random parking lot that she was going to hate us forever.


Fun Fact: She was originally named Frankie by her foster family. Mike and I came up with the name Zoey because we didn’t think Frankie fit her. Because Frankie and Zoey have similar ending sounds we were able to teach her the new name easily.



There you have it! That is how I became a dog mom of two beautiful babies. Even when they are fighting for attention, they are BFF’s.

I hope learning about my dogs allowed you to get to know me a little better.

If you’ve made it this far I can only assume you’re a fellow dog mom/dog dad and you understand the dog love is real! Please leave me a comment with a pic of your sweet dogs, I genuinely would love nothing more than to look at your cute furry babes! What’s their story?


-The Galista

Talk Tuesday: Life Update and The Story of How I got into Thrifting

Welcome back, everyone!

If you’re new to my page it will make more sense if you start here, so you can understand a little more about me.

This year has been crazy so far. I feel like I have been M.I.A on here more than I have wanted to be. Unfortunately, so many posts I had planned had to be scratched because of everything going on in my personal life.

I have debated how much I want to share of my personal life on here because I want to keep this a happy place. But, I also don’t want to fall into the rut of making this just another “highlight reel” platform. Life isn’t often like that, and that’s okay. Maybe sharing how I have been feeling will help one of you who stumbles across my blog.

The past few months have been devasting for me emotionally. Most notably this year I have lost three family members. Being an empath is extremely draining when experiencing loss. Not only do I grieve for myself, but I grieve through others.

I don’t know if you guys experience this as well, but I find it is especially hard to remain positive around holidays. My friends were experiencing such positive amazing changes, and the bad news just kept flowing my way.

The most devasting loss for me was my great grandpa. He was such a special person in my life. We always had so much fun when we spent time together, so much so that I nicknamed him my “Homie G”.  I hadn’t experienced a loss of a close family member since I was in elementary school. In a way, this has all been a new experience for me because I actually understand the whole magnitude of loss now.

So when we lost my great grandpa in January of this year, I took almost a week off of work and flew back to Indiana by myself to be with family. This was my first time flying since 2011, and it was my first time flying alone ever. Mental note to check off doing something out of my comfort zone.

My visit back has brought to light the story of how I fell in love with thrifting and I want to share that with you now.

When I was younger and would visit my Homie G he had this chest behind his couch that he kept all these thrifted art supplies. He’d send us home with Ziploc bags packed full of old crayons, markers, and pencils. Along with the writing supplies, we would also get stacks of dot matrix office paper. You know the kind with the perforated edges you could pull of? After I got home I would do just that, I’d rip off the edges and make all kinds of projects with all of my new art supplies.

It wasn’t until middle school that I actually started going to the thrift store with him. Our visits always consisted of lunch at a local diner and then thrifting.

The fact that almost my entire extended family on my mom’s side are all thrifters now I attribute to my great-grandparents. Besides my own experience with my grandpa, my mom and my aunt shared stories about how my great-grandparents were the original thrifters of the family. My great grandma Alice, who we lost 22 years ago, was a big fan of garage sales. She was the queen of bartering. My mom told me that she would even barter in Kmart. After my grandpa was retired and then widowed, thrifting became one of his main past times.

Being thrifty and scoring an awesome deal is in my blood, you see?


I hope today’s post allowed you to get to know me a little better. I would love it if you shared the story of how you got into thrifting in the comments. Or if you don’t have one, share with me what your family’s favorite hobby is!


-The Galista




Welcome to The Galista,

I’m Hanna.

I created this lifestyle blog because I want a place where I can share all the things I enjoy in life.

I’m still scrambling to figure out all the parts of me, but let me tell you what I know:

I’m 22 years old, and I married my high school sweetheart in December of 2015. So corny, I know. He is enlisted in the Army. A few months after we got married I left my small town in Indiana to move over 740 miles away to North Carolina with him. It was terrifying and so exciting at the same time. Besides being away from friends and family, I enjoy it here. I like the experience of living somewhere new. Surprisingly enough the wanderlust is still strong in me, and I’m excited to see what our next adventure will be.

I am a lover of all things thrifted. I just love the hunt for a good deal in general. Every time I get a deal high, my poor husband has to play the “Guess How Much I Bought all of this for”. Every. Time. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about? The “deal high”?

I am a total foodie. I don’t often discriminate when it comes to my food, but my two main vices are pasta and chocolate. Everyone always ends up comparing me to the Snickers commercial. Hangry? That is totally a thing in my life.

My guilty pastimes consist of watching copious amounts of YouTube and binge-watching Netflix. Though I dabble in all the pop culture shows, my all time favorite t.v. show is Gilmore Girls. I first watched it in middle school have been obsessed ever since. Not much has changed, besides now I have an undying longing for a Revival Part 2.

Lastly, for now, anyone that knows me knows I’m a total pug enthusiast. I have two black pugs, Bella and Zoey. They keep my heart warm and fuzzy (even when I’m my hangry self). I also have pug boxers, pug socks, and even a few pug mugs. Basically, name the pug paraphernalia and I probably have it in my collection.

From my little blog, you can expect to see thrift hauls, DIY’s, my must have’s and so much more!

Thanks for checking out this weird thrifty gal’s first post, I appreciate it so incredibly much. Before you go, I’d love it if you told me a little bit about yourself in the comment section below. See ya next time!

-The Galista