The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques

The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista


We have all been there you’re in your pajamas binge-watching Netflix when you realize you don’t have an outfit for an upcoming event. I’ve gathered a list of the top five online clothing boutiques, so you order cute trendy clothes without ever leaving your comfy couch or PJ’s.

I don’t know about you, but a few years ago I never thought I would see the day where I would stop shopping at Forever 21. I used to go into Forever 21 and carry around a pile of clothes to try on in the dressing room, and I’d have to force myself to narrow it down. But aside from a few accessories, I don’t ever shop in F21 anymore. Not only do I not find anything that fits my style, but the quality can be hit and miss.

If you are at that in-between stage where you don’t quite know where to shop online, and you are afraid of those sketchy scam websites (you know which ones I’m talking about) I’ve found some reputable small businesses that are not too much more expensive. What’s great about these five boutiques is the quality of the products won’t disappoint. Not to mention that even though these boutiques all have a serious fan base most people you know will be shopping at the mall, so you won’t wind up wearing the exact same thing as everyone else.

Not only have I listed my top five boutiques, but I’ve also selected my favorite pieces from each site. Clicking on the photo above each boutique will take you right to the website. Yay for easy shopping!

Whether you’re looking for a birthday outfit or getting ready for spring break, grab a snack and get your credit card ready here are five of my favorite online boutiques.



The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Sweetest Bohemian Gypsy Lace Maxi Dress in “Chloe Yellow” $65.00 Right: Luciana Cutout Jumpsuit in “D. Rose” $49.00

Nana Macs

Nana Macs, based out of Coeur D Alene, Idaho, is the boutique that started my full-blown obsession. Not only does Nana Macs have the cutest unique and trendy clothes, their models are super sweet and helpful.

Every Monday-Friday you can find them hosting Facebook lives around 4 PM PST featuring all the new arrivals and restocks. Guys, they also offer a 15% off military discount to active duty and veterans. The best part is shipping is free on all orders within the U.S.

Upon popular demand, they also just recently released a curvy line. I don’t see a lot of online boutiques catering to plus size customers, so I think this is totally awesome!

My favorite piece I own from Nana Macs is their New Romantics Lace Bralette, though I swoon over just about everything that they sell.





The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Seven Seas Patchwork Print Kimono $34.95 Right: Cher Crushed Velvet Flare Pants in “Navy” $28.95

Three Birds Nest

Good news boho babes if you’re looking for clothing or accessories you don’t need to look any further, Three Birds Nest is going to be your new obsession.

My personal favorite from Three Birds Nest is their accessories. I’ve mentioned their messy bun beanies before, but you really can’t go wrong with any of their jewelry pieces either. If you’re into turquoise or leather elements, you’re about to be in jewelry heaven. Hello, bohemian goddesses!





The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Teal Braided Tee $30 Right: Lace Up Bootie Camel $49

Rosie Daze

This is a new trendy online boutique, started by a military wife and Youtuber, Casey Holmes. Though I am a huge fan of Casey Holmes, her boutique truly does speak for itself.

Aside from the cute clothes and accessories, Rosie Daze just started selling dog logo tees ($33.00). Each month 15% of the proceeds from the dog logo tee is donated to an animal shelter or rescue in need. As a fellow dog mom, I find this especially sweet because after all her boutique is named after her two rescued pups.





The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Bicoastal Striped Adjustable Maxi Dress $54.00 Right: Padua Embroidered Off The Shoulder Top in “Black” $48.00


Vici is another online boutique with many to-die-for pieces. You can find pieces right on-trend like the striped dress and embroidered top above.

This is a great example of how shopping with a “small” boutique allows you to follow the spring trends and have unique pieces not everyone else will own.





The 5 Best Online Clothing Boutiques- The Galista
Left: Walk With The Wild Kimono in “Ivory/Black” $38.99 Right: Spring Me To Life Set in “Red/White” $54.99

Shop Hopes

Shop Hopes, based out of Georgia, sells clothing that perfectly blends southern charm with a little bit of bohemian.  Just like Nana Macs, Shop Hopes offers free ground shipping within the U.S. Yay!!

If you have a fourth of July party, this two-piece jumpsuit would look absolutely amazing. I know some of you may think it’s crazy to plan outfits out that far, but this piece just screams the perfect Independence day outfit. Plus you can be festive without going overboard.




Happy shopping, gals! I hope you found a new boutique to love.

If you have a favorite online boutique I didn’t list here leave it for me in the comment section! I am always down for a new place to shop 😉


-The Galista

Talk Tuesday: Life Update and The Story of How I got into Thrifting

Welcome back, everyone!

If you’re new to my page it will make more sense if you start here, so you can understand a little more about me.

This year has been crazy so far. I feel like I have been M.I.A on here more than I have wanted to be. Unfortunately, so many posts I had planned had to be scratched because of everything going on in my personal life.

I have debated how much I want to share of my personal life on here because I want to keep this a happy place. But, I also don’t want to fall into the rut of making this just another “highlight reel” platform. Life isn’t often like that, and that’s okay. Maybe sharing how I have been feeling will help one of you who stumbles across my blog.

The past few months have been devasting for me emotionally. Most notably this year I have lost three family members. Being an empath is extremely draining when experiencing loss. Not only do I grieve for myself, but I grieve through others.

I don’t know if you guys experience this as well, but I find it is especially hard to remain positive around holidays. My friends were experiencing such positive amazing changes, and the bad news just kept flowing my way.

The most devasting loss for me was my great grandpa. He was such a special person in my life. We always had so much fun when we spent time together, so much so that I nicknamed him my “Homie G”.  I hadn’t experienced a loss of a close family member since I was in elementary school. In a way, this has all been a new experience for me because I actually understand the whole magnitude of loss now.

So when we lost my great grandpa in January of this year, I took almost a week off of work and flew back to Indiana by myself to be with family. This was my first time flying since 2011, and it was my first time flying alone ever. Mental note to check off doing something out of my comfort zone.

My visit back has brought to light the story of how I fell in love with thrifting and I want to share that with you now.

When I was younger and would visit my Homie G he had this chest behind his couch that he kept all these thrifted art supplies. He’d send us home with Ziploc bags packed full of old crayons, markers, and pencils. Along with the writing supplies, we would also get stacks of dot matrix office paper. You know the kind with the perforated edges you could pull of? After I got home I would do just that, I’d rip off the edges and make all kinds of projects with all of my new art supplies.

It wasn’t until middle school that I actually started going to the thrift store with him. Our visits always consisted of lunch at a local diner and then thrifting.

The fact that almost my entire extended family on my mom’s side are all thrifters now I attribute to my great-grandparents. Besides my own experience with my grandpa, my mom and my aunt shared stories about how my great-grandparents were the original thrifters of the family. My great grandma Alice, who we lost 22 years ago, was a big fan of garage sales. She was the queen of bartering. My mom told me that she would even barter in Kmart. After my grandpa was retired and then widowed, thrifting became one of his main past times.

Being thrifty and scoring an awesome deal is in my blood, you see?


I hope today’s post allowed you to get to know me a little better. I would love it if you shared the story of how you got into thrifting in the comments. Or if you don’t have one, share with me what your family’s favorite hobby is!


-The Galista



Collective Haul: Target Home Haul, Boutique Sale, Thrift and More


Hey, gals!!

Today I’m going to be sharing some things I have picked up in the last few months from a couple different stores. I know I’m not the only one on a budget. Whether you are a single parent or a military wife like me, I am proof you don’t have to stop shopping when you are on a budget.

Instead, you just have to strategically shop the sales. Try not to pay the full retail price, especially if you know the store normally does frequent sales. “Baller on a budget” is my mantra.



Trip 1

What first inspired this trip was that I kept seeing so many people sharing amazing deals on the holiday collection. I’m talking things that you wouldn’t even think were part of the holiday collection (like items other than ornaments, etc). Then I also saw that the Bullseye Playground had a boho themed collection and that is when I knew without a doubt I was going to Target. Side note: Do you any of you guys remember when Bullseye Playground was known as the Dollar Spot? That is also when I used to call Target “Tar-jay”.

As always I started at the dollar spot, but it was unfortunately pretty picked over. They only had a few mini succulents and two catch-alls when I went. That didn’t stop me from picking up this super cute cactus catch-all (not because I need another catch-all) but because I love all things cactus lately. This little cactus cutie was $3.00.

TARGET SAVINGS TIP: If you didn’t know always make sure to scan your items at Target’s self-scanners. The red scanners are placed all around the store and are easily one of my favorite things about Target. I wish other stores did this so you wouldn’t have to bother an employee by asking how much an item is.

I’ve found some MAJOR deals just by double checking items I was interested in. (Spoiler alert: This is how I found these next three deals).

Then I stumbled upon the Hearth and Hand line that Joanna Gaines and Target collaborated on. I ended up finding the ginormous jade vase I mentioned in a previous post. It was the only one left which is the only reason why I thought to scan it. I AM SO HAPPY I DID. Guys, it wasn’t marked clearance AT ALL but guess what it rang up for $6 and some change originally $22.99. I quickly put that guy back in my cart.

The photo doesn’t do it justice at all. I haven’t styled it yet, but I plan to decorate it with some greenery or I may make a D-I-Y vase filler.

Also part of the “holiday sale” I picked up these two gorgeous glasses. I love the colors, and they were only $1 and some change each. Originally $4.99. To be completely honest, I don’t need the drinkware. We have a ton but I think I am going to plant cacti in them or make them into candles.

In my opinion, once you have a developed style decorating on a budget means grabbing a bunch of pieces you know that fit into your style and then piecing them together later.


Trip 2


Fast forward to a few days after Valentine’s Day. Mike took me to Target and bought this lamp I have been swooning over for about two years. We don’t normally go crazy for Valentine’s day, normally we just exchange our favorite chocolates and a card. But hey, cupid sent me a gorgeous mid-century modern -esque lamp this year and I’m not complaining.

Our base housing needs some serious help in the light department, so I gratefully accepted the gift. I quickly hid all of the ugly cords behind a blanket basket. Wall decor in this corner is next.


Local Semi-Annual Boutique Sale

Moving on to what I found at a major boutique sale. I never thought I’d see the day but I don’t shop at Forever 21 since I moved here in my style definitely aligns more with the products boutiques sale.

The boutique I found these next items at is called Altar’d State, and it is what my dreams are made of. Only, everything is typically so out of my price range. Thankfully they had a lot of the store marked down and since they were doing a semi-annual sale everything that was on sale was also an additional 40% off.


My first find from Altar’d State was this super cute wrap bracelet. Originally $19.95, but I got it for $5.95. I love arm candy and am always looking to add affordable new pieces I can stack.


Right next to the bracelets was a basket of bralettes and I immediately pulled out this gorgeous wine bralette off the top. After all the sales, I paid just $4.00. You can’t even find that at Walmart. These are the deals I live for.


This is the item I’m most excited about from the boutique sale. I found this adorable dog mom hat that I have been searching forever for. Guess how much I paid for this one?! $5.95 it was originally $24.95.

Mike thought I shouldn’t get it because I’m not huge into hats, but I’ve been eyeing hats with “Dog Mom” for a while. At that price, it was a now or never moment.


Carolina Thrift


After the mall, I stopped by a nearby thrift store called Carolina Thrift. It was just a few days before a big 50% off the entire store sale, so the store was picked over. I ended up only finding this Jcrew basic v-neck in this gorgeous mustard shade.

I paid $3.99 for this wrinkled beauty. As you can probably tell, this shade is totally my jam. ” I’ll take one of everything mustard toned, please”, she said shopping.


Bare Minerals


The last items I wanted to share with you today are from a Bare Minerals sale. I got this matte liquid lipstick, mini kabuki, and eyelash brush all for $5.09 shipped. The original price of the liquid lipstick alone is $19.00.

If you want to know how I find such great deals like this check out this post where I share with you one of my favorite ways to scope out deals.



I’m quite obsessed with watching hauls on YouTube, but I’m not sure if anyone is interested in hauls in a non-video format. Let me know if you like this kind of post or if you just prefer to watch hauls in video format.

What is a recent purchase you are most excited about? Bonus points for attached photos!


-The Galista

DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine’s Day


DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

Today we are going to make these super cute do it yourself macrame keychains to gift to all your girlfriends for Galentine’s Day!

It’s only fitting that Galentine’s Day is featured on the Galista.

If you’re not a Parks and Recreation fan (which let’s just say you totally should be), let me catch you up here. The idea of Galentine’s Day was first created by NBC’s Parks and Recreation in Season 2 Episode 16. Leslie Knope, the main character on the show, creates this holiday to celebrate all the special women in her life. On February 13th, the day before Valentine’s day, all the females in her life leave the boyfriends and husbands behind to celebrate their best gal pals.

Not only do I love the idea of celebrating the amazing women in my life, but I also just miss the magic of exchanging valentines. Anyone else?

If you do, yay! Bohemian is totally having a moment right now, which is what inspired me to create this project. I am all in and totally invested in this project.

Parks and Recreation+ boho vibes+celebrating awesome women+ cheesy pun= why I’m so excited to share this super easy DIY all your gal pals will surely appreciate!


Supplies Needed

Keychain rings (I used these Swivel Snap hooks in “Antique Brass” and “Gunmetal”)

Yarn of some sort (I used this cotton rope also from Hobby Lobby)

Scrapbook paper or Craft Paper




Before we get into all the steps I’m going to link you some helpful video resources (though I’ll also be showing you in picture form). This was the first macrame I’d ever created so these were super helpful in learning to create the two knots I used. The first basic knot lark’s head knot. And the second is the diagonal half hitch knot also referred to as the diagonal clove hitch knot.

Reform Fibers creates awesome YouTube videos. I definitely recommend you check out the videos if you’d like to see these knots in action.

Let’s get crafty gals!


1. Secure your keychain ring to a table with some tape. This is important so you don’t have to worry about holding your ring in place while you are trying to create your design. I’ve seen some people hang their piece on a hook but personally, I recommend taping it down. It made the process much easier for me.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

2. Next, if you purchased the same cotton rope “Natural Cord 4.5 mm (SKU:1429513)” as I did your first step is going to be unraveling the 3 pieces wrapped around each other. This will give you smaller strands to work with. These smaller strands will show the detail much better.



3. Measure and cut four 37″ strands.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista
How To: Lark’s Head Knot

4. Now, we are going to create our first knot (lark’s head knot). Don’t worry it’s super simple. Fold your strands in half, then hold the point in the middle of the keychain ring like so. Now, simply pull the bottom part through the loop. Repeat this four times so all the rope is connected to your keychain ring.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

5. If you purchased a keychain that rotates, turn to the side of the knot that you prefer shows. I like the right best.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista
How To: Diagonal Half Hitch Knot

5. We now have 8 strands. We are going to be working in half (only four strands at a time) and joining them later. Take your first strand (also called lead cord) and hold it diagonally to your right. Now, create a “4” with the second strand over your lead cord. Pull the end up and through the four creating your first diagonal half hitch knot. Now do that again with the same cords. As you go you will knot each strand twice to secure the design.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

6. Continue holding your first strand (your lead cord) diagonally. Now move on to strand 3, place strand 3 over strand one creating a “4”. Pull the strand up and through. Do this a second time to secure the design.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

7. Again, continue holding your first strand at a diagonal to your bottom right. Place strand 4 over strand 1 creating a 4 with the rope. Pull the strand up and through. As you can see, there are six knots in each row because you are doing each string that isn’t the lead cord twice. Congrats! You have completed your first line of diagonal half hitch knots. If you mess up remember its just knots you can simply undo it and try again 🙂



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

8. To keep things simple we are still going to work on the same side. You are going to repeat what you just did with the first row of knots right under it. Remember to hold your lead cord diagonally down and create the four with each strand. Make 3 total rows as shown above.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

9. It is now time to work on the other side (strands 5-8). Your 8th cord is now your lead cord.  Hold your 8th cord diagonally towards the left and create a backward “4” with the 7th strand over the 8th. You shouldn’t get confused as long as you make sure you are working off your lead cord and making a backward four. I found it helpful to always hold onto my lead cord until I was done with that row that way I didn’t get confused.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

10. You will complete three rows just like you did on the left half.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista
How To: Connect the two halves

11. It is time to connect the two halves. To do this you just simply take strands 4 and five and make a regular knot and pull it tight. To secure that knot make another diagonal half hitch knot by making a “4” shape again.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

12. Next, make two more diagonal half hitch knot rows on each side.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista
How To: Connect the Macrame Ends

13. Connect the two halves together again. (Sidenote: This sentence reminded me of Humpty Dumpty, and I just had to share that with you guys.) Again make a knot connecting the fourth and fifth strands. Then make a “4” with strand 4 and strand 5 and tighten to secure.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

14. Cut both sides at an upwards diagonal.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

15. Finish the macrame by taking a comb and brush out the strings. Be careful to only get the ends and not any of the knots you just created. I also backcombed my piece to give it a “messier” look.



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

16. Now that we’ve finished the macrame portion we are going to create these simple tags to go with them. I purchased these brown craft paper tags from Hobby Lobby. I love the contrast of the cord against the brown craft paper. Then I lightly sketched on in pencil the super cheeseball pun, “My life would knot be the same without you.”



DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

17. I went over the pencil in a black sharpie. You can, of course, improvise and write the pun however you’d like. That is what is great about DIY’s you can customize the details to suit your taste. I thought about printing out tags, but I decided I wanted to keep the focus on the macrame. I’m going for the DIY look, so I’m happy with how the tags turned out.



18. I took a piece of the cotton cord and tied a knot to attach our keychain through the punched hole.

DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

19. On the back, I just wrote “Happy Galentine’s Day” and attached a cute piece of washi tape I had.

DIY Mini Macrame Keychain for Galentine's Day- The Galista

20. Now your Galentine’s are all ready to be handed out.




If you missed Galentine’s Day, this is still such a fun year-round DIY. You could give them as birthday gifts or even just make them yourself. Everywhere I looked on Pinterest I couldn’t find any walkthrough tutorials for do-it-yourself macrame keychains so I thought to myself, “Why not create one?”

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I am so proud of the outcome. If you create this please leave a comment on how your girlfriends liked it. I’d love to see photos. Will you be continuing the Galentine’s Day tradition next year?


Happy Galentine’s Day, ladies! As Leslie Knope would say herself “Ovaries before brovaries!”

-The Galista


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The GalistaValentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista


Love is in the air, guys and gals! I have gathered a list of seven affordable gift ideas for all the romantics at heart.

Whether you are a gentleman trying to treat your lady or maybe you are a wife looking for a gift for your spouse, the special one in your life will be feeling all the love after receiving one of these gifts. (Links to products mentioned are provided throughout the post, so you can maximize your cuddle time this month.)


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

1. Body Paint Kit

Want home decor unique to you and your love? Love is Art is a body paint kit you and your significant other use to create art while making love to each other. (Sorry, mom.)

There are currently 24 different sets you can purchase on their website. A signature set comes with a plastic tarp, treated canvas, 4 oz bottle of paint, disposable slippers, and a body scrubber. The kits range in price from $60- $1,000. (Don’t worry guys the $1,000 price tag is only for the gallery edition).

After you have created your masterpiece you can pay to have it stretched locally or they sell the stretching kit on their site, and you can do it yourself. Hang it up and enjoy sharing how you created this piece of art with all your guests.


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

2. Scentbird

I have suggested Scentbird in a previous gift guide; however, I just think it makes such a great gift I couldn’t help but feature it again. If you aren’t familiar a Scentbird subscription comes with a 30 day supply of a designer fragrance for just $14.95. They offer over 450 different fragrances to choose from.

This is such a great deal considering rollerballs with less product go for more money through any other retailer. For example, Macy’s sells Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue 0.25 oz rollerball for $29. With a subscription through Scentbird, you can get the same perfume in a 0.27 oz spray for the $14.95.


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

3. Personalized handwriting jewelry or roman numerals

Jewelry for Valentine’s day is a common gift idea, but why not take your gifting game a step higher with a personalized jewelry?  This rose gold Roman numeral necklace by Gold Crush Jewelry starts at $69. Add the date of your first date or your anniversary and wow your girl.


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

4. Bouqs

This is a classic gift idea, but there is a reason flowers are a go-to. They are timeless. Bouqs specifically has absolutely gorgeous arrangements. If you girl isn’t a rose girl don’t worry, Bouqs has so many arrangements to choose from.

Bouquets typically start around $40-$60.


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

5. Star Home Decor

The Night Sky, my personal favorite option on this gift guide, is a customizable star map. There are many like this out on the internet, but after doing some research I have come to the conclusion this is the most credible and well reviewed.

The process of customizing your own star map is super easy. Choose the location and date then customize the message and other design elements. Add your anniversary date or even the day of a child’s birth and bring your spouse to tears.

For a 18″x24″ high-quality print you can expect to pay $60. As a side note, you are purchasing only the print it does not come framed. It may seem like a steep price, but when you take into account how many years your love will cherish this gift I believe it is well worth it.


6. Boudoir photos

Truly a gift for the both of you! Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie, and book a boudoir session with a local boudoir photographer. Not only will your significant other love the photos but having sexy photos taken of yourself can be a great confidence boost!

You could even create a book of your boudoir photos and gift it. So many options!


Valentines Day Gift Guide for Romantics at Heart- The Galista

7. Scratch off Map

If you and your significant other are the adventurous type, gift this awesome scratch off map so you can document all your travels together!

If you’re too uncomfortable with #1, this is another great way to personalize your home with your SO. The standard size retails for $32 and the large for $48.



How are you guys celebrating Valentines Day this year? Will it be a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant or do you like to avoid the crowd and enjoy a cozy movie night in?


– The Galista

Declutter Your Life: The One Thing You’re Forgetting To Do

Declutter Your Life The One Thing You've Been Forgetting To Do- The Galista


Hey, guys!

Whether you are decluttering because minimalism is your new year’s goal or maybe you just simply need a good purge after the holiday gifts, everyone is getting rid of excess junk. Are you left wondering why you still feel stressed after decluttering what feels like every inch of your house? You have cleaned out all the closets in your home and even your fridge. What could you possibly be missing?

It’s the thing most people collect. It may even be right under your nose, literally. 

Your digital clutter. Specifically, digital clutter on your cell phone.

There are several types of mobile clutter including excess text messages, apps, and photos. With selfies and the “pics or it didn’t happen mindset”, it is no wonder why photos take up the majority of data on our photos. It is really not a surprise that InfoTrends estimated there would be 1.2 trillion digital photos taken in 2017.

Which is why we are going to be focusing on decluttering all excess images today.

Have you seen this message before? I pay the .99 cents/month for the extra 50GB of iCloud storage every month. Still, my phone has not been able to do a backup in several weeks largely because I have accumulated so much STUFF in my photo library. Especially now that I use my phone for taking blog photos, it was due time for a deep clean.

If you are like me, clutter can be extremely overwhelming. Trust me, I get it. I have the hoarder mindset especially when it comes to photos. I like looking back on photos to reflect on how I was feeling at the time. But I also don’t like when I want to share a photo, and I can’t find it in the abyss of my photo library. (Spoiler alert: there is a happy medium.)

They say knowing you have a problem is the first step, right? But now how are we going to get rid of all those extra photos? I am going to share with you how I got rid of my digital clutter (over 2,000 photos in a couple days) in 6 easy steps.


6 Easy Steps for Eliminating Digital Clutter on Your Phone:

1. Take it slow

Realistically speaking, if you have several thousand photos on your phone you aren’t going to be able to declutter it all right away. Try going through your photo library a little at a time, you can set aside some time every night or even vow to delete “X” amount of photos by a certain date.

Do you really need that screenshot of that cute shirt from 7 months ago? It’s not even available for purchase anymore. Delete as you go. If you have to question if you should keep it or not, delete it.

2. Go by category

This goes along with the first step, breaking a large project down into smaller tasks can be super helpful. One way to break it down for yourself is to go by category.

For example, if you have an iPhone go to your “Albums” in your photos. What’s great about the iPhone is that it automatically organizes photos into albums. Already having it organized for you means you can easily go through albums individually.

3. Eliminate large files and extra copies

iPhone users should check for unnecessary live photos in “Albums”. Live photos are great, but they also take up more space than a regular photo. If you accidentally left the “live setting” on your camera, you could be losing lots of space in live photos alone.

Watch for extra “burst” photos and double copies of photos. If you find either of these pick the best (if there is a difference) and move on. You probably wouldn’t keep two exact prints of photos to yourself, so why keep two exact digital copies?

4. Take out the trash

Don’t forget your “Recently Deleted” album once you are finished. Deleting photos from here, you are removing them completely from your phone. Otherwise, all the files you remove stay on your phone for 30 days.

5. Store your photos

Once you have decluttered your images, import the ones that made the cut to Dropbox or iPhoto. If you don’t have a MacBook you can even just save them on your computer. After storing your photos you can remove them from your phone.

6. Be mindful

After completing all the previous steps, plan to be a lot more mindful of what photos you’re taking. While the previous steps are easy, eliminating clutter is time-consuming no matter what. The less you have to do it, the better. As I go I plan on deleting photos right away if I don’t like how they turned out.


I hope this helped you develop a plan for freeing up storage space on your phone, and you are able to start the new year off with a clearer mind. Do you have any tips on how you keep up with your mobile clutter? Share them with us in the comments below!


– The Galista

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

2018 New Year's Resolutions- The Galista

It that time where we all find ourselves reflecting on our past year. Whether we are looking at our Instagram Top 9 or chatting with our friends, reflection at the end of the year is nearly unavoidable. After we reflect we are often asked what are the things we want to work on with ourselves for the upcoming year? How can we make the following even better?

Which brings me to New Year’s resolutions. You either love them or you hate them. I’m a firm believer that you can make changes in your life at any point in time. You don’t have to wait for a new day or a new year, but I also believe that creating annual goals cannot hurt. I like to do a little of it all.

Hopefully, by sharing my 2018 goals I will inspire you to create a few resolutions of your own. We can keep each other accountable.

Pour my passion into my blog

Starting my blog is hands down one of my best decisions of this past year. This is something I have always wanted to do, so with the new year, I want to continue doing more of it. I hope to improve by creating awesome content and growing my audience.

Adventure more

Whether it is taking little trips or exploring further away I want to welcome more adventure into my life with the new year. Little adventures like discovering new mom and pop businesses, and big adventures being anything that requires a few hour drive and a hotel stay. Going on vacation this month just reminded me I truly love experiencing new things. I want to see more in 2018.

After all, if I’m going to be living states away from family I want to be spending my free time traveling as often as possible.

Cultivate a new friendship

This is something that is really hard for me to do. I am an introvert and most of the time I have a hard time finding people who share a similar mindset as me. I already have some amazing people in my life, and I’d love to welcome another lifelong friendship into that mix.

I know there are so many awesome people I haven’t met, and I feel like by being so scared of putting myself out there I am losing out having another one of those people in my life.

Read more

Reading is something I love doing, but I struggle setting aside time to do so. I have finally started reading the Harry Potter series and plan to finish them by the end of next year. My husband bought me the Amazon Fire 7 for Christmas this year. We own the series, so I have no excuse for not succeeding in this goal.

I would also love to read some self-help books. Some titles I’d love to check out are “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson. If you guys have any book recommendations I would love to hear them.

Take more photographs

I have thousands of screenshots and photos of my dogs stored on my phone, but I’d love to take more photographs specifically of my husband and I. This is always something we have struggled with, but I want to have more photographs to help me remember our adventures each year. I know I will thank myself later.

Nap less

This is going to be a hard one for me. In order for me to come near accomplishing this, I am going to have to find a good multi-vitamin and develop a serious codependent relationship with coffee (in progress). I have been a nap connoisseur since I can remember. Napping less may just mean cutting down the length of my naps since I’ve read that the ideal nap is 20 minutes.

Step outside my comfort zone

This coming year I want to do something that scares me. I am not exactly sure what this means yet, but I want to put myself out of my comfort zone a little bit.

In 2016, it was moving out of my mom’s house hundreds of miles away from all my family, friends and everything I knew. This year my “step outside of my comfort zone” move was creating this blog. Putting myself out there and doing something I always wanted to do risking failure terrified me. It still does, but starting this journey I would say was the scariest part.



What are some of your new year’s resolutions for 2018? Do we share any similar new year’s goals?


-The Galista

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Hey, gals! Welcome back!

It is time for my first ever do-it-yourself blog post. I am going to be walking you through how I created this natural bohemian inspired winter wreath using only foraged and affordable materials.

I am super excited for this one because not only is it an easy craft the finished product is just super cute.  There are so many DIY wreaths out there but what I love about this one is that it has the boho feel to it.

Wreaths are unbelievably expensive. An artificial wreath can easily run you $30-$40 just for the base alone. That is in the low price range for wreaths that are in stores this season. The super fancy ones from Front Gate and Neman& Marcus sell for hundreds.

DIY’s do not have to be expensive guys. Total supplies cost me under $10 (I’m including a full spool of yarn in the total price. However, I did not even use close to half a spool of yarn).

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista


Wire wreath form (Found mine at the Dollar Tree)


Floral Wire (can be purchased at Dollar Tree)

Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)


Pruning Shears ( Mine were $3.88 at Walmart)

Foraged Branches (not pictured)

Step 1: Gather materials

First, you need to make sure you have all the essential materials. Most of these materials you probably own already (ie: scissors and a hot glue gun). The supplies that you do not already have on hand should be easy to find and super affordable.

Since we are going to make this wreath out of natural branches you can gather those now. I took a walk right behind my house and found these long needle branches and started clipping away with the pruning shears.

Whatever evergreens you have available would work perfectly pick what you’re drawn to.

Step 2: Organize Foraged Materials by size

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

(Side note: I’m going to apologize once for my horrendous base housing floors. They are my least favorite thing about our house. Please ignore them.)

Here you should make two separate piles of your foraged branches. One pile for your smaller pieces and one for your larger. By doing so it will make it easy to find the piece you need so creating the wreath will be much simpler.

Step 3: Attach first large piece along outer rim with Floral Wire

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

You are going to lay your branch around your wire form and attach it to the outer wire ring with floral wire simply by wrapping the floral wire around the base. I attached once towards the needles and another time further down about 3 inches from the end of the branch.

I didn’t buy floral wire trimmers because the pruner works just fine. No need to purchase unnecessary tools. After all, we are trying to do boho on a budget here!

Step 4: Repeat with another large branch.

You will be repeating step #3 with the large branches all the way around the wire form.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista
The circled spots show where I’ve attached the floral wire.

The further along you get the fuller the wreath will become and you will be attaching the branches to not only the outer rings of the form, but also the center rings.

You’ll want to lay the needles or leaves you are attaching so that they cover the bottom part of the branch. You will be attaching all of the branches over the one before. They should all be facing the same direction like so:

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

When you have made your way almost all the way around the form and you are placing your last large branch you will simply lift up the needles from the very first branch you placed to hide the bottom stick of your last branch.

Step 5: Adjust

Make adjustments till you are happy with the finished product. It is really all about playing around to see what you like best.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista
Notice: Pug supervision is optional but strongly encouraged.

Below I filled in with the smaller branches where I thought it needed it.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista
Before filling in VS. After filling in

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Also, this is the perfect time to flip over the wreath and cut off the excess pieces. You don’t need to over-trim the branches just remove any excess branches that are sticking out too far.

Step 6: Decorate the base/ Create Pom Poms

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Now that we have the foraged base complete you can really decorate however you’d like from here. You can even leave it natural. Adding more foraged greenery and berries or pinecones would look awesome. Great option if you’re going for a super natural look!

However, since I am going for a bohemian feel I thought what better way to achieve the look than to create some pom poms. Pom Poms are just so stinking cute, even the phrase itself is so fun to say. This is personally my favorite step of this do-it-yourself tutorial.

There are so many ways to create pom poms. This was my first time creating them (but certainly not the last). I’m going to share with you my favorite way to make pom poms that I’ve tried so far. AWESOME NEWS GUYS: You only need your scissors, yarn, and your hands. Yay!

For these mini pom poms:

First cut off a piece of yarn about 6 1/2″ and set it aside.


Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Then simply wrap the yarn around your index and middle finger like so about 25 times.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista


Now, slide the wrapped yarn gently off your finger. You can now carefully snip off the connection to the spool of yarn.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

All you have to do now is tie your piece of yarn around the center of the cluster you created. Tie it as tight as possible without breaking the yarn. Do a double knot to ensure it is all secured.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Snip away the loops with your scissors making sure not to cut the middle string or hurt yourself.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

At this point, this (left photo) is what your pom pom will look like. You’ll need to give it a little haircut to make sure it’s all uniform (like the photo on the right).

Lastly, put your fingers on the pom pom and run your fingers over the strings like you’re giving the pom a massage. This is what will make it look super fluffy.

Tada! You have your mini Pom’s. Now repeat with as many colors as you’d like then arrange your poms around your wreath.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

Once you’ve decided where you want each pom to go, hot glue them on with a dot of glue.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista

I gave my wreath a mini trim so you could see that last pom and that was it.

Affordable DIY Foraged Wreath with a Fun Twist- The Galista


Thanks for checking out my first DIY post today. I am super happy with the finished product and hope you enjoyed it too. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to help you along.

If you recreate this foraged wreath please share a photo with me. I would LOVE to see your recreation!

-The Galista

25 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers (No Candy) Under $15


25 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers (No Candy) under $15- The Galista

Hey, everyone!

Are you looking for last-minute unique and affordable stocking stuffer ideas? I have gathered 25 ideas for all you last-minute stocking stuffer shoppers that are all under $15. These are all items you can find at your local Wal-Mart or Target.

I share fun and practical ideas for just about anyone you may be putting a stocking together for. I excluded sweets and treats as most people know those are the basics. These are additional things you can use to beef up your family’s Christmas stockings this year.

(To be fair: I also left out the Target Dollar Spot aka “Bullseye Playground” though if you have a Target nearby you definitely can find awesome stocking stuffers in that section alone)

1. Car Air Freshener Vent Clips

You can find these Febreze Car Plug-Ins right at check out for just $3.68 for a single pack. 

2. Wax Cubes

These are great for anyone who owns a candle warmer. There are so many scents to choose from and each pack costs about $2.00 each.

3. Mini Emergency Kit

A great purposeful item to stuff a stocking with is a mini emergency kit. This would be useful for anyone driving to have in the car or even to throw in a purse.

Stuff this little kit in a stocking, and they will appreciate having the necessary supplies later. I found the one in the photo at Wal-Mart for just $ 5.99.

4. Small Kitchen Utensil or Kitchen Gadget

This idea would be especially great if someone in your life was planning on moving out soon. You could do an entire themed stocking to set them up with all the home essentials like measuring spoons, pan holders, spatulas and more. 

5. Pepper Spray Key Chain

This is a great stocking stuffer for any female in your life. Give the gift of safety with this Mace brand pepper spray for only $ 12.59.

6. Phone Charger USB and Wall Port

There just isn’t a downside to having an extra phone charger around. Along with the USB phone cord, you could also include a wall plug-in. Phone USB charger cables typically retail for $3 and up.

7. PopSocket

PopSockets have been all over nearly everyone’s phones this year. You can find them in all the major stores. Pop Sockets attach to the back of a cell phone and can be used as a grip and as a stand.

They have a variety of designs including plain black colors and countless prints. Pop Sockets typically retail from $9.99-$15.99.

Target sells the original Pop Sockets in store where Wal-Mart actually sells a generic (knock-off) brand called “Spin Pop” for $4.88.

8. Gift Card

This is a go-to stocking stuffer idea for such a wide demographic because there is such a huge variety of gift cards to choose from. You can pick them up at any big-box store like Wal-Mart and Target especially around the holidays.

Some are labeled with a set amount and other cards you can have the cashier load your desired amount.

9. Christmas ornament

I mentioned in a previous post my family used to gift a new ornament for the Christmas tree every year. Stuffing a new Christmas ornament into a stocking is a great way to take part in the tradition.

10. Tumblr cup

These tumblr cups come in so many cute designs. You could even choose to do a to go coffee cup instead if that fits your family or friend better.

11. Chalk paint

The Waverly Chalk paint is a really great option for any crafter in your life. It only costs $9.45 and it goes a very long way.

It is an essential supply your crafter will appreciate having on hand next time they create.

12. Batteries

Through the holiday craziness, it is easy to forget the practical items. I know it happened all the time in my family while I was growing up. We would open all of our presents and could not wait to play with our new toy then all of a sudden we’d realize there were no batteries in the house.

Did you gift something that requires batteries? Throw a pack in the stocking to avoid disappointment and hassle. An 8 pack of AA batteries generally retails around $6.

13. Cards Against Humanity $9.99

This card game is a crowd pleaser and is just shy of $10 at Wal-Mart.

14. Makeup Wipes

Though I am biased to #20, some people prefer makeup wipes. I also think these are just great to have in a book bag or purse. These definitely get major points for being travel-friendly.

The equate brand 40 count pack retails for just $3.48.

15. Mini Hand Sanitizer

You can find the mini hand sanitizer bottles in the travel section or at checkout. These are also sold in the jelly holders for just a few dollars total. 

16. Fuzzy Socks

Who doesn’t love a good pair of fuzzy socks? For just a few dollars you can keep your loved one’s feet all warm and cozy. Bonus points if they are Christmas themed.

17. Nail Polish

Throw a sparkly nail polish in a stocking this year so they can rock their new glam nails for the New Year. The Essie LuxEffects nail polish is just $7.65. 

The variety on this one is nearly limitless.

18. Batiste Dry Shampoo

The “Divine Dark” dry shampoo by Batiste helps decrease the number of wash times on hair and it also helps to stretch the time in between root touch-ups.

Batiste also sells a version for blondes. A full-size can is $6.58.

19. Real Techniques Sponge

This makeup sponge is well-known on the internet for being a dupe for the Beauty Blender which retails for $ 20.00. I own both the Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques Beauty sponge, and I actually prefer the Real Techniques.

Luckily for you, a single Real Techniques sponge retails for just $4.88 at Wal-Mart. A double pack is still under our $15 limit at just $9.23.

20. Garnier Micellar Water

The Garner Micellar Water is perfection. It is a cleanser and a makeup remover all in one. I used to use makeup wipes and as soon as I bought this I just stopped buying makeup wipes altogether. Even with the expensive makeup wipes, I would have to use quite a few just to take off a full face of makeup.

The 13.5 Fl Oz lasts me at least a couple of months, and it is only $6.78 at Wal-Mart. I just buy a pack of cotton rounds, and I’m set. Wal-Mart also sells a little mini 3.4 Fl Oz bottle for $3.44.

21. Face Masks

Face Masks are a great stocking filler. There are so many to choose from but they typically only cost $2.50 each.

22. The Wet Brush

This is not your ordinary hairbrush. I do not know how the Wet Brush brand makes brushing hair so painless, but I am so glad they do. The original style sells for $8.99.

After owning one of these I cannot go back to normal brushes.

23. Makeup Bag

After awhile makeup bags just reach the point where all the powders, mascara and foundation has stained the inside lining. Why not gift a refreshed makeup bag?

The price, of course, depends on the brand and size of bag you pick but I spotted some for under $5 at my Wal-Mart.

24. Elastic Hair Ties

A 10 pack of Goody Elastic Hair Ties is just $ 7.49. These get lost so easily that replenishing someone’s stock couldn’t hurt.

25. Chapstick

There are so many awesome chapsticks to choose from, so pick your loved ones favorite if you know it.

However, I recommend the Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm which retails for $4.64. It is so buttery smooth and makes my lips feel super moisturized.


This will probably be my last “holiday/ gift shopping” post for this year. I hope you liked this little series. Christmas is my favorite holiday; I love putting a lot of thought into gifting even the “littlest” of gifts (like stocking stuffers).

Thanks for checking out my post today! I hope you found something on the list you hadn’t thought of before. What is your favorite thing to get in your stocking?

-The Galista

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista


Happy Cyber Monday, everyone!

Were you too busy eating turkey and mashed potatoes this weekend and you forgot to do your Cyber Monday research? Not to worry I have you covered. Today I am going to share some of the Cyber Monday deals you shouldn’t miss out on.

Before we hop into today’s post I just want to say I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your families and friends. We went to a friends house for Thanksgiving dinner. I think it is important especially living around a military base to join together in order to remember that you are not alone during the holidays. Friendsgiving is totally a thing now.

Did you get any great Black Friday deals over the weekend? If not you still have some time to catch some amazing deals.

Without further ado, let’s hop right into that list:


2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
AE Denim X Hi-Rise Jegging in “Onyx Black”, AE Flannel Boyfriend Shirt in “Pink”, AE Denim X Super Hi-Rise Jegging in “Shredder Indigo”

American Eagle 40% off + FREE SHIPPING (limited exclusions)

American Eagle is one of my all-time favorite stores, but they can also be pricey. I typically only buy when they run a really awesome sale like this one. Not only are you scoring almost half off you also get free shipping which cancels out the only downside to opting to shop online.

It’s the perfect time to stock up on jeans! Prices are as marked on the site.

All of their sweaters are only $25.

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
Mid-Rise Pixie Velvet Ankle Pants in “Black”, Smooth & Slim Plus-Size Velvet Pixie in “Glorious Pine”

Old Navy 50% everything no exclusions

Old Navy has lots of great products, but my favorite has to be their pixie pants. Any other kind of slacks I’ve ever tried on I feel out of place in.

Not only do they fit me perfectly, they look great too! If you are in the market for a great pair of professional pants I think this deal is worth checking out. Prices will be reflected in the cart.

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
Green Glass Jug Vase by Hearth and Hand, Women’s Velvet Jumpsuit by Xhilaration in “Burgundy”

Target save 15%

Target is one of those stores that you often can’t find deals on your entire purchase so when they run these types of sales you have to take advantage.

Remember that Hearth and Hand line everyone was going bananas over? Now is the time to pick up some of the gorgeous pieces? My personal favorites from the line are these jewel-toned green vases. Or if you need an outfit for an upcoming holiday party this velvet jumpsuit would look stunning.

If you are anything like me then you’re probably thinking “It is Target, I don’t need help finding anything to buy.”

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
Gray Moroccan Lumbar Pillow, Gold Pyrite Cuff Bracelet, Monkey Mug

World Market Up to 40% off and Free Shipping on $50+

We recently got a World Market in my town within the past few months. Just a few weeks ago I visited for the first time ever and let me tell you: I am in love. If you are a fan of all things bohemian and haven’t checked out World Market you are missing out. They do home decor, clothing, jewelry and even food.

You simply can’t go wrong scoring a deal here. They are offering 15% off of $50, 20% off of $100, 30% off of $200 and 40% off of $300.

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
Erin Condren In Bloom Gold Metallic Life Planner, Erin Condren Watercolor Life Planner

Erin Condren 30% off Sitewide with code

I talked about how the Erin Condren Life Planner’s in my 2017 Ultimate Gift Guide for Her. If you are looking for a planner for yourself for the new year or even to give as a gift 30% off is a total score.

This kind of deal is not around often with these planners. There are so many awesome designs to choose from!

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
UD Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in “Black Mail”, UD Metalized Lipstick in “Trance”, UD Cream Vice Lipstick in “Night Hawk”

Urban Decay 50% off Vice Lipsticks

Do you need to stock up on some festive lipsticks? They will be a SHOCKING $9.50 each. Yes, you read that right. That is the price of some drugstore lipsticks! Can you believe you have 135 shades to choose from? There are also 6 different finishes.

If you have a hard time deciding what color looks good on your complexion just from looking online, you should know there is also a super cool feature where you can try the lipstick on by uploading a photo of yourself.

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
Hobo “Lauren” Wallet in Caramel

Nordstrom Rack Free Shipping Sitewide

If you guys were interested in the Hobo Lauren Wallet I posted in my 2017 Ultimate Gift Guide For Her, now is the time to get free shipping.

Nordstrom Rack does already discounted prices so you are getting a Cyber Monday deal (that would reflect other store prices) even though they do not have it additionally marked down. Update: As of 1:18 EST you can still purchase “teal green”, “grenadine” (bright orange), and “granite” (light grey). All three selling for $64.97, originally $128 PLUS free shipping.

HURRY if you’re planning on buying, they will go quick!

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
Amazon Fire 7, 7″ Display, 8GB in “Black”

Amazon Fire 7 With Alexa, 7″ Display, 8GB for $29.99

Guys, I’ll admit I am normally not the type to buy tech related items during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Amazon is having great deals on their devices. This tablet originally retails for $49.99. I think this would make a great gift for almost any age!

My husband bought one for me as a Christmas gift this year so we can read the Harry Potter books together.

The tablet is also offered in yellow, blue and red. There is also a 16GB option going for $49.99 originally $69.99 that would be great for storing movies.

2017 Cyber Monday Deals You Don't Want to Miss- The Galista
ColourPop “Yes Please” palette, ColourPop LAX Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

ColourPop 30% off Sitewide + FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING over $30

If you are a ColourPop fan or have ever wanted to try out their products, now is a perfect time. They are already such affordable products so the fact that they are marked down 30% is awesome.

They have barely been able to keep the “Yes, Please” palette in stock the past few months because it has been that popular. It usually retails for $16 now only $12.80. This palette is widely known as a dupe for the Natasha Denona Sunset palette that retails for a whopping $129.00.


Those are all of my favorite deals going on today! Thank you for checking it out, and I hope you are able to take advantage of these awesome sales.

If you are getting sick of all the holiday shopping talk, not to worry I should only have one more holiday shopping post coming your way then you won’t see anymore on here for awhile.

-The Galista