25 Gifts For Her Under $25: Home and Lifestyle Edition

It’s HERE! As promised today I am sharing 25 more affordable Christmas gift ideas for her! Just like Part 1, all the ideas I’ve shared are under $25! But this time around instead of sharing fashion, beauty, and accessory gift ideas all the ones I’ve shared are centered around lifestyle gifts and gifts for a home.

I’m positive there is something fun any girl would absolutely love within these 50 ideas I’ve shared! If you can’t find the idea you are looking for in this portion (or maybe you just want to browse more options) go ahead and check out my first edition!

I want to make a side note that all these items (at the time I’m posting this) are all within budget at full price. However, most of these items will go on sale sometime over this holiday season. I know how important it is to stay in budget, while still wanting to get your friend or mom an awesome gift. If you guys need help brainstorming when these items will go on sale, leave me a comment and I’ll do anything I can to help you out!

Happy shopping, everyone!


1. Cute Coffee Mug: Ahh! I am just absolutely in love with these zodiac watercolor mugs from World Market. Coffee cups make the perfect gift because they’re useful and cute. Pair a mug with a cute biscotti, instant coffee or cocoa pack to give out as little office gifts or even to the whole family!

These are my favorite biscotti. You could even order a bulk pack of these to fill multiple coffee cups.

More cute mugs:

2. Pillow: Speaking of Anthropologie dupes I promise I’ll be done after this, but if this pillow doesn’t scream “I bought this at Anthropologie”, I don’t know what does. There is a reason why there is a stereotype around women and throw pillows. Can you ever truly have too many? I know I can’t.

3.Planter Magnets: Who said you can’t bring a little life to a fridge? These would make a perfect present for any plant lover. Fridges can be cute too!

4. A good book With a new year approaching, your girl needs new things to read. If she has a list of books to read, definitely pick one of those up. I think the “Girl Wash Your Face”, self-help workbook (which is also a New York Times bestseller), is an awesome option!

5. Zodiac Catch-All Tray: This zodiac tray would make such a cute stocking stuffer, and it’s only $8! Sidenote: make sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the product. A lot of reviewers say they weren’t expecting it to be so small.

If you think you’re girlfriend may want to use this for anything other than dainty earrings or ring check out this one out instead. It’s also a zodiac catch-all dish but is larger and size, and comes with a lid perfect for keeping jewelry from getting dusty.

6. Candle: Some of you probably have thought of this idea already, but it’s one of my favorite go-to gifts. I couldn’t bring myself to leave it out. Bath and Body Works has amazing three wick candles that originally retail for $24.50.

However, just in case you aren’t familiar with Bath and Body Works they have several half off sales on the three wick candles. I definitely don’t recommend buying them full price unless you are really in a time crunch. My favorite scent is their “Pumpkin Pecan Waffles”.

7. Pop Socket: If you’re familiar with my gift guides from last year, you’ll probably notice that I’m recommending gifting a Pop Socket again. I think the fact that this simple phone grip and a stand is still super relevant a year later shows just how much everyone loves them.

8. Selfie Light: This is a mini ring light that just slips over the top of your phone which provides three different lighting settings. Sometimes the flash just is a little too harsh.  Perfect for any girl who wants to up their selfie game a little bit (I mean who doesn’t?)

If you have a hard time getting your hands on the Elf one check out this one by Impressions Vanity. It doesn’t fit into our $25 budget at full price. However, every time I’ve checked on the price it’s always been on sale. It is currently listed for $14.99.

9. Hydroflask: My Hydroflask easily makes it into my top 5 lifestyle products. A Hydroflask is basically a stainless steel double insulated water bottle that is capable of keeping cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks steaming hot for up to 6 hours. And let me tell you, it truly sticks up to that reputation. I love my Hydroflask for keeping the ice in my ice water for hours.

10. Planner: It’s the perfect time of year to replace your friend’s daily or monthly planner, she’ll be set for a year of success!

11. Rainbow Privacy Film: This is such a fun gift to give. Not only is it practical, but when the light hits it reflects magical little rainbows all over the room.

12. Fuzzy Blanket: You could find a fuzzy blanket from any retailer right now. But the blankets from Target’s Threshold brand are my absolute favorite. I’m half ashamed to admit how many of these I own (I own four). I don’t care how many cozy blankets your girl has, she could always use another.

Deal alert: The past two years Target has offered an awesome Black Friday deal on these so you can get an even bigger size for cheaper.

13. Phone charger: Here to ask, can anyone ever truly have too many phone chargers? Skip the cheap ones and opt for this quality 6ft braided USB cable from Target. I’ve found when it comes to phone chargers you truly get what you pay for. This one from heyday comes in 6 gorgeous colors and is only $19.99!

14. Tealight Holder: Perfect for any lady in your life looking to jazz up her space. This blush lotus tealight holder is too cute for words!

15. Mini Speaker: Throw this pink portable mini speaker in a stocking or wrap it up! It connects to any smartphone VIA Bluetooth.

16. Passport Holder: This cute “I’m Outta Here” passport cover is perfect for any girl who loves to travel. Along with the spot for a passport, it also has 7 spots for any ID’s or cards she would need.

17. Agate Coaster: This agate coaster would make the perfect addition to any table. The Etsy listing is only for a single coaster, so if you’re looking for multiple you could get a pair of them for under $25. Perfect for bedside tables, or even just a mod podge of already existing coasters.

18. Frame: Add a cute photo of the two of you to a super stylish frame for sentimental value. I know a lot of girls who can agree with the sentiment that thoughtful presents are so much more meaningful than monetary gifts.

19.Macrame: You may recognize this macrame piece from a previous post, it’s under $20 and ships Amazon Prime! Perfect for the bohemian babe in your life.

20. Kate Spade Tumblr: Another awesome drinkware option is a really cute tumblr. Most aren’t insulated like the Hydroflasks, but for someone who is just looking for a basic to-go cup, this is a great gift idea.  I love this floral Kate Spade option for only $18.00!

21.Ultimate Werewolf: Pick up a fun new strategy game for the hostess on your list! Ultimate Werewolf is one of my husband and I’s favorite games to play when we host game night. Specifically, because it comes with an app that basically walks you through how to play the game so anyone can easily jump in and play. You can play with anywhere from 5 to 75 different people!

22. Female Form Bud Vase: This bud vase is truly such a unique and beautiful piece of art. I love it even more with flowers sprouting out from the top. Check out Urban Outfitter’s stock photos to see just how magical this piece would look in your best friend’s new apartment!

23. Essential Oil Diffuser: Last year my husband and I gifted a diffuser to my mother in law, and she absolutely loved it! Such a great option for someone who has expressed interest in getting into essentials oils. Or even if you purchased a second one for someone who already owns one, so they can have them in different areas of their home.

24. Cookbook: Who doesn’t love finding a tasty new recipe? This cookbook by Tasty, a popular food blog, has over 80 of their most popular recipes.

If you’re okay with a “saucier” version check out the “What the F*@# Should I Make For Dinner?” cookbook that offers humor and 50 yummy recipes. This would be such a fun option for a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange.

25. Personalized cutting board: Yes, you did read that right! You can totally get personalized gifts for just $25. I love the idea of gifting this to a family member or friend, and that every time she pulls it out she will think of you.

This would also make a great gift for a couple (like in-laws).



Thanks for checking out part two of my 25 Gift Ideas For Her Under $25, if you missed the first 25 ideas featuring beauty accessory and fashion ideas don’t forget to check it out here.

I hope this little series was helpful for you! I loved rounding up all these gift ideas all into one compact space. If you have any suggestions for other readers I’d love it if you left them for all of us in the comments below.




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