Thrift Wishlist: For The Home 2019

Today I wanted to share my 2019 thrifting wishlist, which is exactly what it sounds like, it’s all the things I’m going to be looking for when I go thrift shopping this year! 

I’ve found that going into the thrift store with a list of things helps me stay intentional with my purchasing. It’s easy to just buy things at the thrift store because they’re cheap. But just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean you need to have it in your space.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes you have to listen to the thrift store and be open to what it brings to you, I definitely do that as well. But like I said, having a list keeps me focused on finding specific pieces that will help me curate the eclectic thrifted space I’m going for! 

For The Home:

I love thrifting just about anything (besides underwear ew)! But home decor is probably my favorite thing to thrift right now. Though I may not find everything on my list, if I can find some of the items secondhand versus retail I’ll be a happy camper.

Some of these things I’ve been wanting to find for a couple of years and others I’ve recently added to the list. Thrifting and curating a space takes time! But let me just tell you, when you find the piece that you’ve been hunting for (at an awesome price!!) it makes that find that much sweeter. 

Honestly, decorating a space with character (while also on a budget) means you have to play the long game. Which can be hard when we’re all so used to instant gratification, but just wait till you get that “thrift high”! It’ll be worth the wait.

If you’re interested in reading all the things I’m on the hunt for this year, let’s get into it! 

Thrift Wishlist: For The Home 2019- The Galista
Mid Century Modern Dresser: 

This is definitely one of the things I’ve been on the lookout for at the thrift store for awhile. With the craziness of 2018, I didn’t get to thrift as often as I would have liked. I’m definitely manifesting that this will be the year I’ll find my dream MCM furniture (record players, side tables, you name it). Specifically, a dresser is the top priority.

Credenzas are another similar name for these pieces. Whatever you want to call it, just bet I’ll be on a serious secondhand search all of 2019.

Antique Rug: 

Another dream find for me is a real rug (as in not man-made).  I always see people hauling rugs for a song, and I have serious FOMO not finding one yet. I’ve been holding off buying any man-made rug at retail price because the thought of finding a handmade Turkish rug gives me heart palpitations (the good kind!).

There are so many spots in my home that would benefit from a vibrant rug with lots of texture!

Plant Stands and Pots: 

Last year I started to dip my “thumb” into the houseplant world. Let me just say, it’s been a journey of ups and downs. But I’m learning so much, and constantly looking forward to growing my collection. I have run out of plant space on the rattan shelf I thrifted (look forward to that thrift haul), so I could definitely use more plant storage for my growing collection.

As a plant collector, I’m also learning you can never have too many pots. And pots are so expensive retail. Whether it’s re-potting time or I’m just adding more plants to the collection, I’m going to be on the lookout for lots of cute pots to store my new plant babes in.

Vintage Globes:

If you follow me on my Facebook page this might sound familiar but I was talking all about how I want to start a vintage globe collection. Not only do I love bringing the travel element of my life into home decor, but I’ve just been really inspired by Pinterest photos that have a bunch of globes on display. 

Alternative Wall Shelves: 

Can we dub 2019 the year of alternative shelving ideas?

Besides the thrifted rattan shelf I mentioned, I have absolutely no storage for home decor. I love little tchotchkes and trinkets, but instead of over cluttering my furniture, I’d like to add a wall shelf for some decor. Cause wall clutter is best, right?

I’ve been specifically drawn to vintage metal shelves. I’ve actually found some really adorable ones on Etsy, but because it’s from vintage resellers the price is really steep! Like $60+ for a small shelf, steep. So, I’m hoping to stumble across one myself.

I’m basically interested in finding any kind of shelving that’s not your run of the mill basic black shelf. Things like the funky suitcase shelf in my inspiration collage!

Disco Ball: 

This might seem completely random to have on my list, but hear me out: disco balls add beautiful lighting to a room when the sun catches them. All the reflected shapes add such a fun and whimsical element to a space. 

I’ve always loved photographing the way the sun hits certain areas of my home. So all around, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. My elementary/ middle school self would be proud to know I owned a disco ball. Isn’t that what life’s all about? Making your younger self proud of your home decor?

Vintage Kitchenware: 

I’ve thrifted dishes many times before, but I’m looking to upgrade my collection. Recently I’ve been drawn to vintage Pyrex, 70’s inspired dishware, and amber glassware.

I mean is this the sign of getting older? Getting excited about updating your Walmart brand dishes to a vintage set? China cabinent here I come!

Botanical Wall Decor: 

So this one is totally my mom’s fault, but last year she created a whole gallery wall of all different floral wall decor. It’s beautiful, and I need it in my life. I’d love to find all different sizes, shapes, and textures to make all my wildest gallery wall dreams come true.

Vintage Lamps:

We currently have these horrible (for my vibe) modern hotel lamps. “Hotel lamps”, you ask? The dead give away is the built-in plugs on the front. Don’t get me wrong, we were fortunate enough to get these for free as a young couple moving into our first home, but I think it’s time for an upgrade!

I’m leaning towards a set of vintage brass lamps! That or I may end up trying to find a hanging situation. We’ll see what the thrift store brings me!

I think it’s safe to say that I may not find everything on this list. Though I know these items are definitely out there secondhand, we’ll have to see what all fits into the thrift budget.

Maybe I should have called this a bucket list. Regardless, I am confident that if I’m consistent with going I will find so many things that will help me achieve the overall look I’m going for.

You can look forward to seeing my thrift hauls throughout the year. Make sure to stay tuned and see if I can check these things off my list! Wish me luck, this is a pretty hefty list with a lot of really cool things! I need the thrifting gods and goddesses working in my favor this year!

I hope you enjoyed reading what I’m on the hunt for! I love reading and watching this kind of content because I find it so fun to hear what other people are searching for while thrifting. 

That being said, please share what’s on your thrift list this year in the comments below! Or do you go rogue while thrifting sans wishlist?

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Easy Eclectic and Funky DIY Christmas Tree Decor

While scrolling Pinterest this year I came across an Eclectic Home Tour featured on Kelly Elko and fell in love! In the post, she shares Aunt Peaches’ home, and I got so inspired to recreate an element of the Christmas tree she created. I had so much fun putting my own twist on these funky and whimsical tree branches. They are perfect to use as filler in any Christmas tree! I love the uniqueness.

This is a super easy DIY project, so much so I questioned if it was too redundant or “elementary” to post. But I did decide to share because with almost any do it yourself project (especially when I’m not following a tutorial), I learned a few things and wanted to share them with you guys. That way you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

I decided to put my own little spin on the look by mixing store-bought pom poms with handmade ones for the added texture. I found this helped me achieve more of the whimsical look that I was going for. It’s definitely not a traditional style Christmas tree, but I’m not a traditional kind of gal either. This tree fits the bohemian and eclectic vibe I’m going for in my home.

My husband says the tree reminds him of Dr. Suess. I have to agree, and I kind of love it. Anyone doing a Dr. Seuss themed tree this year? That would be so fun!

Don’t worry this do-it-yourself project won’t be breaking the bank. You’ll either have these craft supplies lying around the house or you can find them for super cheap at a dollar store or even a thrift shop. Yay for affordable DIY projects!!


foraged tree branches

white acrylic paint (and/or) white spray paint



store-bought fuzzy pom poms

hot glue gun

glue sticks

foam paintbrush


How to:

Step 1:

Collect various sizes of sticks from your yard or a nearby forest. Look specifically for ones that have multiple connections off of the original branch. (Example stick in the next photo).

Step 2:

Easy Eclectic and Funky DIY Christmas Tree Decor- The Galista

Paint the stick with a white acrylic paint. I strongly recommend using white acrylic paint and stippling it on with a foam brush. Hand painting is much quicker than spray painting.

Though you could use spray paint or a combination of both. Just know you’ll probably have to do several coats of spray paint if you decide to go that route. I originally spray painted the branches first, but ended up using an entire can just to partially cover 6-7 sticks. 

Of course if you choose to use spray paint make sure to spray in a well-ventilated area. 

Step 3:

While the sticks are drying create your preferred size of pom poms using your favorite method. The method I use is the finger method simply because I don’t have a pom pom maker, and I was trying to keep this DIY really low cost. You can go ahead to step four if you are using a different method or already know how to create pom poms.

Pom Pom How To (Hand Method):

Easy Eclectic and Funky DIY Christmas Tree Decor- The Galista
  • Start by wrapping the string around your pointer, middle, and ring fingers. Don’t wrap the yarn too tightly around your fingers (or you won’t be able to slide it off later).
  • How many times you want to wrap your yarn around and how many fingers you use to wrap the yarn determines how big the pom poms become. My medium sized poms ended up being 2 inches, and I wrapped the yarn around about 30 times. This part is really about experimenting a few times to get your desired pom-pom size. If you want a different size, just make a few small adjustments! When you’re finished wrapping cut the string a little above where my left hand is (see Step 2 photo).
  • Carefully slide the bunch of yarn off your fingers. Cut a small piece of yarn and simply lay it under the bundle.
  • Tie it firmly around the entire middle of the bunch. Warning: Make sure to tie it tight enough to secure it, but careful of pulling it so hard you snap the yarn.
  • Now that you’ve created two separate sections, snip all the loops in half all the way around.
  • Trim the ends to a similar length. This doesn’t have to be perfect as you’ll probably need to give it a little haircut at the very end!

Step 4:

Now that you’ve trimmed down all the pom poms, I’m going to let you in on a little secret to getting the perfect pom. No matter what method you’re using to create them, the key to really elevating the look is to brush out the yarn with a comb. 

Just be careful not to go too crazy. I just held the center of the pom pom where I tied the strand, and then brushed it out (center to ends) all the way around.

I mean, the before and after photo speaks for itself! Pom goals!!

Don’t skip this step. It can be time consuming if you’re making a bunch of them, but it’s totally worth it! I’ve made this mistake in a previous DIY, and the result isn’t the true fluffy pom pom’s I’m sure you’re looking for. In my opinion, without this step, the poms just look like tiny skeins of yarn. Unless that’s your end goal, then do you boo!

Step 5:

Finally, plug in your hot glue gun and glue on a mixture of your homemade and store-bought pom poms. I chose to add these fuzzy ones that I picked up from a local thrift store. If you don’t already own some, you could easily find these at the dollar tree in various sizes. I also think these felt ones from the craft store would be really fun.

I loved mixing the different sizes and textures of the homemade and store bought poms to create that eclectic and whimsical look.

The Final Look: 

Here is what the finished product looks like!

I ended up making a total of 8 of these bad guys!! They were so easy to create, and I love the personalized look they give to my tree!

Our home is definitely not a “Pinterest home”, by any means, my husband and I just live in base housing. But I still like to make our space feel homey and fun!

My Inspiration:

Home Tour via Kelly Elko


Original Post

My Christmas Pinterest Board 

I hope this gave you some Christmas inspiration! My blog is all about achieving style on a budget and decorating a Christmas tree is no exception. You can totally create a fun and magical Christmas on a budget!! I’ve gotten so many compliments on our funky little Christmas tree.

I also had so much fun creating these and think this would be so fun to do with kids. When I was a little kid, every Christmas my mom and I would make several ornaments for the tree (and to give as gifts to family). She even has most of them to this day! Creating ornaments for our tree is one of my favorite Christmas memories from my childhood.

As I’m sure you can tell, the joy of DIYing for Christmas still hasn’t left me. My husband got a whole kick out of how much fun I was just hot gluing all the poms to the branches.

Even though the DIY I shared was really easy, I hope you still have fun if you recreate it!! If you do, please tag me on Instagram: @thegalista. I’d love to see your magical Christmas trees and decor regardless! Please feel welcome to share VIA posting a blog comment or messaging me on Facebook or Instagram!

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One Day $1 Fuzzy Socks

Don’t miss it! Today’s the day to score a pair of fuzzy socks from Old Navy for only $1!! (Originally $6). 

First off, these made it in my 25 Gifts Under $25 this year! I told you guys I’d keep you updated when any of those products went on an awesome sale, so here we are! If you were interested then and didn’t pick up a pair… don’t hesitate now! 

The fuzzy socks from Old Navy are my favorite because they stay fuzzy after washing. I still have my pairs from last year, and they are just as soft as when I bought them. Why have fuzzy socks that aren’t going to stay buttery soft? Life’s too short to have unfuzzy fuzzy socks, am I right?!

If you’re willing to bear the crowds ($1 in-store only deal), definitely stock up! If you can’t make it to the store, they are only $3 online, which is still half off retail. Check them out here!

Not to mention these make an amazing stocking stuffer! They have several different styles. Including adult and kids sizes, so you can stock up for the entire family! My favorite designs are the unicorn, pug, and girl power pair. 

Limit 10 per customer. 

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HOT Gift Idea: FREE Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette 

For even more deals be sure to follow me on my Facebook page or on Instagram: @thegalista. 

If you’re sick of the shopping posts, don’t worry I have a Christmas DIY coming at you next!

HOT Gift Idea: Free Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

Gals! Run fast this is a super amazing deal I’ve spotted. All you have to cover is shipping!


ALERT: This deal is only valid for NEW TopCashback members, so if you are already a Top Cashback member this deal will not work for you. Multiple accounts will result in accounts being deleted.

In order to get this deal follow these steps carefully:

  1. Create a new TopCashback account.
  2. After entering email and passcode, click the “Join TopCashBack” button.
  3. Now, login to your email and confirm the account.
  4. Click on the “Get $10 Cashback” button back on the signup page. Link here if you cannot find.
  5. TopCashback will reroute you to the Ulta page. Stay on this page to place your order.
  6. Put items in your cart that total at least $10 before shipping and handling. For $5 off $15, use the code 618883.
  7. Pay for your order plus shipping.

You’ll get your cash back from TopCashback within 14 days. Once you receive it on your TopCashBack account you can then transfer your $10 back to your PayPal or card.


Example Deal BREAKDOWN:

HOT Gift Idea: Free Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette- The Galista


Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Ring The Alarm Palette:

Originally $15 – $5 = $10+ Shipping – $10 CASHBACK= JUST PAY SHIPPING COSTS

My shipping only came out to $5.95!

Note you can get free shipping with an order over $50!


This palette made it in my first edition of gift guide for her under $25, this year! $15 is an awesome price for one of the hottest palettes of the year… but $5.95 is even better!!!! SCORE!


So many fun things you can score from Ulta! What will you be picking up?

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Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

I am so excited to share a home decor thrift haul with you gals today! These are some of the little gems I’ve slowly collected over several months.

Since I’m a military spouse I generally thrift in my home state when we go back to visit, and where we are currently stationed. It’s so interesting to me to see how different thrifting in both states is.

If you know me you know that I love thrifting, and I love home decor. So naturally, I combine the two very often. My overall goal with this blog is to share with everyone all the cool things you can find on a budget. Shopping secondhand is the key to finding affordable and unique home decor. (And it’s so fun too!)

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely shop at “regular” stores too which means I definitely have pieces in my home that so many others do. But what I think is so magical is adding these small little touches to my space, that likely aren’t as available to the masses. To me adding these little details just gives the space a unique personality. It’s how I make my house a home.

As I mentioned this is definitely a collective haul. Sometimes I walk out of a thrift store empty-handed, and other times I score big time and end up with a couple big bags of things. Opting to shop secondhand can definitely take a little longer to achieve a completed look. However, I know that I will eventually have a really curated eclectic space.

I’m in it for the long haul and know that the end result is going to be so cool! I look forward to sharing my thrift store scores with you as I continue my journey of decorating my home on a budget.

Over five different thrift stores and under 15 dollars later, without further ado let’s all embrace this thrift magic!


Thrift Store Finds:


Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

The first piece is this mirrored candle holder that I got for 3 dollars at a place called The Village. I’m actually not entirely sure what it was created for, but I was drawn to the different textures and colors. It isn’t metal, so I probably won’t leave a candle in this for long periods of time because I don’t want it to melt. I’m okay with that though cause I usually don’t burn candles for hours at a time anyway.

I also think it would look really cute styled as an exposed terrarium. Both of these ideas are a perfect example of one of my favorite things to do with thrift store items. Which is looking beyond the items original purpose and focusing on the way you can use it in your space. I love finding versatile pieces that I can use different ways, so I can keep my space fresh.



Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

From the Goodwill, I found this small wooden frame for only 99 cents. The print reminded me of an illustration you would see in an old children’s book. Even though it almost looks like the little animal is missing part of its ear, I’ve decided to keep the print original for now. I may later mod podge another print in the frame.

Frames are one of my favorite things to find at thrift stores. Sometimes it takes looking beyond what the piece currently is and focusing on what it can become.



Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

Next are these three embroidery hoops that I thrifted for just a dollar each. What I love about these are the different textures and sizes.

Craft stores usually only sell the “cheap” or “basic” wooden embroidery hoops, so I loved the vintage and unique feel these have. I’ve been lightly dabbling in embroidery and think these will make a great home for a future stitch.



Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

Hammond Salvage has been one of my favorite thrift stores in Indiana for many years. I found this really cool trio of embroidered sunflowers in one of their back rooms. Again, embroidery has been catching my eye lately. I love that this piece is probably handmade.

The colors totally give me a 70s vibe, and I think it will mesh well with my bohemian eclectic vibe I’m aiming for. Oh! And I’m going back in forth on sprucing up the frame, and I would love your input on if I should update the frame or leave it original.



Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

These are another score from the Village. I found a pack of 8 hangers (including 4 wooden pant hangers) shoved at the bottom of a pile of stuff that was literally toppling over. It just goes to show you have to look high and low while thrifting. I love the hunt for a treasure in a pile of “junk”, sometimes it’s where you will find the best stuff.

I was actually looking for wooden pant hangers for a while. I know what you’re thinking, “These are just wooden hangers, what is so special about these?” Let me explain my vision to you so you can understand the magic. Lately, I’ve been so inspired by Pinterest wall decor, and I kept seeing posts where people had actually used wooden hangers to hang up prints on the wall.

Granted you could just put it in a regular frame, but I think using these just adds a little more interest to the overall look. It’s seriously such a genius idea that I’m a little upset I didn’t come up with it first.



Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

This next find was from my first visit to one of my new favorite shops. I don’t think you’re ready for this. When my mom told me about it I couldn’t even imagine what it had in store. The place is aptly named Treasure Mart and is quite literally a 4 story thrift warehouse. As you can imagine, pulling up to this massive brick building my heart about palpated right out of my chest.

There were so many things to look through, but I will say as a fair warning that this place does not have AC. It was one of the hottest days of the year, and I was struggling a bit. We spent a decent time but ended up giving in to the heat (and our hunger), and I just walked out with this cute little book on cacti.

I’ve been really into growing plants lately. Not only do I love having this book as a resource, but I also think this will look really beautiful with the cover off. You can kind of peep in the photo that under the shiny book jacket (what are those actually called anyways?) there is a really gorgeous pale yellow hardcover that I’m positive is going to look amazing styled on a shelf.



Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

My next “finds” my mom actually gifted to me. Hopefully, you guys don’t consider this cheating, but she found them at a thrift store and knew I was looking for them. They are both Reader’s Digest books that I plan on either DIY’ing or using to create a rainbow book display to spice up a shelf.


Thrifting in my Home State: Collective Thrift Haul for Affordable and Unique Home Decor

This last piece I’m going to share with you actually came from my aunt’s thrift store. While I was in town she very generously offered to let me come over and pick out some things to take home with me.

When I first saw this piece I thought it was just a fancy etched pencil sharpener, but upon further research, I actually discovered that this is actually a Turkish brass spice grinder often used to grind coffee. Something I don’t often talk about here is that I’ve actually worked at coffee shops for several years, so I think this is a really interesting piece to add into our space.



If you guys enjoyed checking out my thrift haul, please let me know in the comments below. What is something you’ve been dying to find at the thrift store?


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Black Friday Weekend Review 2018

Like everyone else it is one of my favorite times of year to shop, Black Friday weekend is here! With that, I’ve decided to review all of my favorite retailers Black Friday sales and share my favorite deals with you.

Don’t get me wrong shopping full price while on a budget is still attainable, but if you really want to get the most for your money you have to shop deals. Which mean you have to shop the big sales. A lot of these items will not be offered at this low of a price again (until next year), so if you have gifts to buy now is the time to maximize those savings!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for everybody on your Christmas list, get your cards ready. There are so many amazing deals going on right now that you won’t want to miss out on! A lot of places are also competing with Amazon, so you will see free shipping on most sites this weekend. Target, for example, is offering FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING with no minimum purchase through December 22nd.

If you aren’t the type to enjoy Black Friday madness, don’t worry most of these deals are available in-store and online. There is also still Cyber Monday sales included to look forward to. Though, truthfully it feels like most retailers have combined the two into a weekend-long sale starting Thanksgiving Day. You might as well join in now because a lot of the sales will remain the same the entire weekend and things will start to sell out.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best Black Friday deals and my recommendations from each sale!!


Clothing/ Accessory Deals


American Eagle

40% off and Free Shipping:
Offered in stores, and online. LIVE NOW. There are some exclusions (like the American Eagle Men’s Boxers). Now would be a great time to stock up on jeans that any friends or family members need.

$25 All Flannels:
AE’s flannels normally retail for $49.95. This is an awesome deal! Stay tuned, though, I have an even better deal on flannels to share with you later in this post.


20% off their website+ FREE SHIPPING :
I’ve shared Hobo Wallet deals before, but I’ve never shared a sale directly from their site. I love their “The Lauren” double clutch wallet, and I still stand by the fact that I will never own another wallet. These make AMAZING gifts! If you are trying to splurge on a special gal in your life, do it on one of these!


Women’s Tees and Tanks starting at $4/ Long sleeves $8:
I recommend stocking up on the Universal Thread basic pocket tees that I mentioned in my gift guide. These are half off during the sale. So versatile!

Women’s Boots $15-$20:
I haven’t heard specifics on which boots are $15 and which are $20, but Target has so many cute pairs of boots. I’m hoping my favorite, Wenda Cutout Booties, are going to be on sale. I want to snag a backup pair.

$15 Wrangler/ Universal Thread Denim:
I love the Universal Thread brand of jeans. I first experienced the denim when I picked up a pair from the clearance section during the summer. These stand up to the quality of my AE jeans, but they are so much more comfortable (and affordable). At $15 a pop, I imagine sizes are going to sell out quickly. Definitely, don’t wait till later in the day to take advantage of this deal. Target is going to be one of my husband and I’s first stops.

Men’s $8 Graphic Tees:
Pick up some tees as a gift for your man or even shop the men’s tees. They have some really cool graphics that you can turn into crop tops or even tuck into a pair of jeans.

Men’s $7 Flannels: I mean $7 for a flannel is practically a thrift store price. If your man is in the market for some flannels, stock up for Christmas now.

Urban Outfitters

BOGO 50% off:
I am so impressed by UO’s Black Friday sale this year. If you’re a fan of Urban you know that they don’t offer sales very often. Especially big ones like a BOGO on regular merchandise. Plus, you can mix and match any items!

World Market

Save 30% off all Clothing, Accessories, and Jewelry:
I have never purchased any of World Market’s clothing or accessories, but I am a huge fan of their jewelry. If you enjoy bohemian style jewelry or know someone who does, RUN!


Beauty Deals



Special collections (not including Kathleen Lights x ColourPop) are not included in the sales.

30% off all Lip Products:
LIVE NOW, through Black Friday.

20% off Eyeshadow Palettes:
Thanksgiving day at 1 p.m. EST., through Black Friday. I’m tempted to take advantage of this deal and get either the Dream Street or Zodiac palette by Kathleen Lights, though I might just try my luck at their Cyber Monday deal.

30% off Sitewide:
ColourPop is finishing off the weekend deals with a BANG on this Cyber Monday Exclusive deal. They already have amazing prices, so 30% off is pretty sweet!

Too Faced

30% off sitewide:
Use promo code “PINK30”. For all my dry skin girls I recommend checking out their Hangover RX Primer. It makes my skin feel so hydrated! I LOVE it.


25% off sitewide:
Live now with the promo code “VIP25”. Tarte is best known for their Shape Tape Concelar, originally $27, and their holiday sets.


$10 Select High-End Mascara:
Mascaras from Tarte, Urban Decay, It Cosmetics Smashbox, and more!

Big Sexy Hair Line $8.99:
The Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play is the only hairspray I’ve used for at least 8 years now. Another great product by them is their Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder.

BOGO Batiste Dry Shampoo:
This is another must-have hair product for me, pick up one for you and one for a friend. I love their Hint of Color line.

Fragrance Faves For Him/ Her $14.99 each:
As I mentioned in this year’s gift guide, a sample perfume set would make such a great present. Help him/her find their new signature scent!


Tech Deals

I’m only sharing one tech deal because this is definitely not my area of expertise, but I found an amazing gift idea I have to share with you.


Free $15 Target gift card with purchase FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Camera:
These pastel FujiFilm cameras originally retail for $69.99 on sale but are now on sale $59.99, and you get a free $15 gift card with the purchase. SCORE!! Would make a great gift for teens and beyond.


Lifestyle/ Miscellaneous


Cheesecake Factory

2 Free Cheesecake Slices with $25 Gift Card Purchase:
Okay, it probably seems a little random to include a food deal. BUT I love the Cheesecake Factory, and I love this deal.

Score two free vouchers for a cheesecake slice with any $25 Gift card purchase. Offer available from 11/23-11/26 online and in store. Get them hereThe free cheesecake slices can be redeemed January 1st through March 31st 2019. Only one slice per customer per visit. 


$5 pop sockets:
I mentioned these in part two of this year’s gift guide. Such a great stocking stuffer, and they are half off! Originally $9.99, so you save $4.99 each.

$5- $10 Target movies:
I always love checking out the discounted movies at Target every year. It’s such a “small” deal in comparison to the electronic savings people score, but I can’t help it. The movie section near checkout holds a special place in my heart.

$18 All Sizes Threshold Fuzzy Blankets:
My holy grail fuzzy blanket is finally on sale! I have an undying obsession for these. This is a MUST to check out. They regularly retail up to $39.99. ANY SIZE. They go fast in stores. Pick one up for a friend and one for yourself!

World Market 

Buy 1 get 1 free or 50% off online All Mugs:
I love their Zodiac mug, but they have so many cute styles. Stuff these with a biscotti and a hot cocoa/ instant coffee mix for an easy gift for everyone in the family or in the office.


I hope you guys are just as excited about these awesome deals as I am!

Are you planning on braving the crowds this year or are you sticking to online shopping? If so, please stay safe!! Let me know if you find any amazing deals, so we can all take advantage!

Most importantly, I hope you take the time this weekend for family. Appreciate all that you have in your life, AND shop the deals. Because you can do both.

25 Gifts For Her Under $25: Home and Lifestyle Edition

It’s HERE! As promised today I am sharing 25 more affordable Christmas gift ideas for her! Just like Part 1, all the ideas I’ve shared are under $25! But this time around instead of sharing fashion, beauty, and accessory gift ideas all the ones I’ve shared are centered around lifestyle gifts and gifts for a home.

I’m positive there is something fun any girl would absolutely love within these 50 ideas I’ve shared! If you can’t find the idea you are looking for in this portion (or maybe you just want to browse more options) go ahead and check out my first edition!

I want to make a side note that all these items (at the time I’m posting this) are all within budget at full price. However, most of these items will go on sale sometime over this holiday season. I know how important it is to stay in budget, while still wanting to get your friend or mom an awesome gift. If you guys need help brainstorming when these items will go on sale, leave me a comment and I’ll do anything I can to help you out!

Happy shopping, everyone!


1. Cute Coffee Mug: Ahh! I am just absolutely in love with these zodiac watercolor mugs from World Market. Coffee cups make the perfect gift because they’re useful and cute. Pair a mug with a cute biscotti, instant coffee or cocoa pack to give out as little office gifts or even to the whole family!

These are my favorite biscotti. You could even order a bulk pack of these to fill multiple coffee cups.

More cute mugs:

2. Pillow: Speaking of Anthropologie dupes I promise I’ll be done after this, but if this pillow doesn’t scream “I bought this at Anthropologie”, I don’t know what does. There is a reason why there is a stereotype around women and throw pillows. Can you ever truly have too many? I know I can’t.

3.Planter Magnets: Who said you can’t bring a little life to a fridge? These would make a perfect present for any plant lover. Fridges can be cute too!

4. A good book With a new year approaching, your girl needs new things to read. If she has a list of books to read, definitely pick one of those up. I think the “Girl Wash Your Face”, self-help workbook (which is also a New York Times bestseller), is an awesome option!

5. Zodiac Catch-All Tray: This zodiac tray would make such a cute stocking stuffer, and it’s only $8! Sidenote: make sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the product. A lot of reviewers say they weren’t expecting it to be so small.

If you think you’re girlfriend may want to use this for anything other than dainty earrings or ring check out this one out instead. It’s also a zodiac catch-all dish but is larger and size, and comes with a lid perfect for keeping jewelry from getting dusty.

6. Candle: Some of you probably have thought of this idea already, but it’s one of my favorite go-to gifts. I couldn’t bring myself to leave it out. Bath and Body Works has amazing three wick candles that originally retail for $24.50.

However, just in case you aren’t familiar with Bath and Body Works they have several half off sales on the three wick candles. I definitely don’t recommend buying them full price unless you are really in a time crunch. My favorite scent is their “Pumpkin Pecan Waffles”.

7. Pop Socket: If you’re familiar with my gift guides from last year, you’ll probably notice that I’m recommending gifting a Pop Socket again. I think the fact that this simple phone grip and a stand is still super relevant a year later shows just how much everyone loves them.

8. Selfie Light: This is a mini ring light that just slips over the top of your phone which provides three different lighting settings. Sometimes the flash just is a little too harsh.  Perfect for any girl who wants to up their selfie game a little bit (I mean who doesn’t?)

If you have a hard time getting your hands on the Elf one check out this one by Impressions Vanity. It doesn’t fit into our $25 budget at full price. However, every time I’ve checked on the price it’s always been on sale. It is currently listed for $14.99.

9. Hydroflask: My Hydroflask easily makes it into my top 5 lifestyle products. A Hydroflask is basically a stainless steel double insulated water bottle that is capable of keeping cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks steaming hot for up to 6 hours. And let me tell you, it truly sticks up to that reputation. I love my Hydroflask for keeping the ice in my ice water for hours.

10. Planner: It’s the perfect time of year to replace your friend’s daily or monthly planner, she’ll be set for a year of success!

11. Rainbow Privacy Film: This is such a fun gift to give. Not only is it practical, but when the light hits it reflects magical little rainbows all over the room.

12. Fuzzy Blanket: You could find a fuzzy blanket from any retailer right now. But the blankets from Target’s Threshold brand are my absolute favorite. I’m half ashamed to admit how many of these I own (I own four). I don’t care how many cozy blankets your girl has, she could always use another.

Deal alert: The past two years Target has offered an awesome Black Friday deal on these so you can get an even bigger size for cheaper.

13. Phone charger: Here to ask, can anyone ever truly have too many phone chargers? Skip the cheap ones and opt for this quality 6ft braided USB cable from Target. I’ve found when it comes to phone chargers you truly get what you pay for. This one from heyday comes in 6 gorgeous colors and is only $19.99!

14. Tealight Holder: Perfect for any lady in your life looking to jazz up her space. This blush lotus tealight holder is too cute for words!

15. Mini Speaker: Throw this pink portable mini speaker in a stocking or wrap it up! It connects to any smartphone VIA Bluetooth.

16. Passport Holder: This cute “I’m Outta Here” passport cover is perfect for any girl who loves to travel. Along with the spot for a passport, it also has 7 spots for any ID’s or cards she would need.

17. Agate Coaster: This agate coaster would make the perfect addition to any table. The Etsy listing is only for a single coaster, so if you’re looking for multiple you could get a pair of them for under $25. Perfect for bedside tables, or even just a mod podge of already existing coasters.

18. Frame: Add a cute photo of the two of you to a super stylish frame for sentimental value. I know a lot of girls who can agree with the sentiment that thoughtful presents are so much more meaningful than monetary gifts.

19.Macrame: You may recognize this macrame piece from a previous post, it’s under $20 and ships Amazon Prime! Perfect for the bohemian babe in your life.

20. Kate Spade Tumblr: Another awesome drinkware option is a really cute tumblr. Most aren’t insulated like the Hydroflasks, but for someone who is just looking for a basic to-go cup, this is a great gift idea.  I love this floral Kate Spade option for only $18.00!

21.Ultimate Werewolf: Pick up a fun new strategy game for the hostess on your list! Ultimate Werewolf is one of my husband and I’s favorite games to play when we host game night. Specifically, because it comes with an app that basically walks you through how to play the game so anyone can easily jump in and play. You can play with anywhere from 5 to 75 different people!

22. Female Form Bud Vase: This bud vase is truly such a unique and beautiful piece of art. I love it even more with flowers sprouting out from the top. Check out Urban Outfitter’s stock photos to see just how magical this piece would look in your best friend’s new apartment!

23. Essential Oil Diffuser: Last year my husband and I gifted a diffuser to my mother in law, and she absolutely loved it! Such a great option for someone who has expressed interest in getting into essentials oils. Or even if you purchased a second one for someone who already owns one, so they can have them in different areas of their home.

24. Cookbook: Who doesn’t love finding a tasty new recipe? This cookbook by Tasty, a popular food blog, has over 80 of their most popular recipes.

If you’re okay with a “saucier” version check out the “What the F*@# Should I Make For Dinner?” cookbook that offers humor and 50 yummy recipes. This would be such a fun option for a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange.

25. Personalized cutting board: Yes, you did read that right! You can totally get personalized gifts for just $25. I love the idea of gifting this to a family member or friend, and that every time she pulls it out she will think of you.

This would also make a great gift for a couple (like in-laws).



Thanks for checking out part two of my 25 Gift Ideas For Her Under $25, if you missed the first 25 ideas featuring beauty accessory and fashion ideas don’t forget to check it out here.

I hope this little series was helpful for you! I loved rounding up all these gift ideas all into one compact space. If you have any suggestions for other readers I’d love it if you left them for all of us in the comments below.




25 Gifts Under $25 For Her: Beauty, Accessories, and Fashion


It’s that time of year to start crossing names off your Christmas list! To help you out I’ve shared 25 of my favorite gift ideas for her in today’s post. All these products are under $25 (not even considering sale prices), can you believe that?!

I originally created this gift guide with the average girl in mind. But whether you’re shopping for a girlfriend, sister, or a grandma there is truly something that every one of those special gals in your life will love! These gifts would make great stocking stuffers too!

I’ve included ideas from retailers like Target, Sephora, Amazon, and more. I wanted to include a variety of different stores, so I could share the absolute best affordable Christmas presents! I also think it’s so important to not feel limited to only a few basic stores just because you only have $25 to spend.

As you can tell by the title for today’s post I’ve decided to focus on beauty, accessories, and fashion! No worries if none of these ideas work for you, I have 25 more gift ideas coming. Next time I’ll be focusing on the home and lifestyle category. Once I have that posted I’ll have it linked here.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


1. Sugar Lip: While $24 for a lip treatment may seem like a little much for someone who has never tried this product before, let me just tell you how amazing this product feels on the lips. This is one of my favorite secrets to keeping soft unchapped lips.

2. Sunglasses: Every girl needs a good pair of tortoise sunglasses. Did I mention they are an Amazon dupe for a pair by Karen Walker that retail for $205.94?! Save your money by opting to gift the more affordable pair. I mean these are under $10 and ship Amazon Prime. Not only will your girl still love these, but you may be able to give her more gifts because of it.

3. C.C. messy bun beanie: I’ve shared this messy bun beanie with you before, but I wanted to mention it again because it’s just so unique. You can have the warmth of a regular beanie without having to give up showing off your cute hairstyle because it has a hole at the top for buns/ ponytails.

This boutique also offers them in a size for littles too! Gifting a hat to a mom and daughter would be so adorable.

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Set 13: This trio of neutral lip creams is to die for! The soft matte lip creams are hands down my favorite cream lipstick formulas on the market. I don’t expect this particular set to stay in stock for long, but definitely check out their other sets as well as the individual soft matte lip creams.

5. Mini Emegerceny Kit by Pinch: This is a super thoughtful gift that is sure to save your girl in a “pinch”. It comes with 17 different beauty, personal care and style essentials like stain remover, floss, and even a safety pin! I would never think to buy something practical like this for myself, which makes it one of the best gifts to give.

6. Leather cuff bracelet: This bracelet by Haiti Design Co is honestly the perfect accessory. It is such a simple way to add a little something extra to any outfit. Best of all, each piece by this brand is handcrafted by Haitian artisans so you’re giving back to their community by supporting their products. Yay!

7. Jade roller: This is an anti-aging face roller that has taken the beauty industry by storm this year. If you aren’t sure of the purpose it’s basically a new skincare tool that when you roll it onto your face has a whole list of benefits for your skin.

8. Makeup bag: A perfect solution to keeping makeup organized whether it’s for travel or home storage. Also, can it get any better than this gorgeous floral print? I think not.

9. Sephora Face Mask: Help your girl out by gifting this super affordable self-care product. These masks have a 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is pretty awesome for a $6 face mask. There are nine different masks that cater to all different skin issues, so you’re sure to find one for that lovely lady on your holiday shopping list.

10. 18 Pairs earrings from Target: With this pack, she’ll never have to worry about not having earrings for an outfit because this set comes with 18 different colorful studs that won’t disappoint.

11. Soap and Glory The Scrub of Your Life: Appropriately named this is the only body scrub a girl could ever need. Not only does it leave my skin feeling amazing, but it also smells so good! My husband always compliments me after I get out of the shower when I’ve used this exfoliator.

12. Fuzzy socks from Old Navy: These are cozy, festive, and extremely soft. What’s not to love? Plus, what stands out about the fuzzy socks from Old Navy is they don’t lose their fuzziness when washed. With other brands, I have had such an issue maintaining the fuzziness even though I don’t dry them. I still have my Old Navy pairs from when I stocked up last year. They are great!

13. Sweet Christmas Set from Lush: This duo comes with a candy cane reusable bubble bar and a cherry Christmas bath bomb. Gifting this set is equivalent to gifting a couple relaxing baths. If a product allows you to gift an experience just. do. it.

14. Nail Polish Set: Any nail polish set would make such a great Christmas gift. But my recommendation is specifically for this set by the Morgan Taylor brand. It is so underrated, and I truly think it’s just due to getting lost amongst all the well-known brands. What I love is that their nail polishes is that they don’t require a bunch of coats to be wearable. I just don’t have the time to paint my nails a bunch of coats (I’m sure any fellow ladies reading this can relate). Two coats is the max I’ve ever had to do with this brand.

15. Flex Dry Wet Brush: I shared the Wet Brush in last year’s gift guide. Let me tell you: I didn’t think it could get any better until they released the flex dry paddle. It’s even more gentle on the scalp, while somehow getting even more of the tangles out. This is such an amazing gift idea for any gal, but especially someone with a sensitive scalp (like little kids).

16. Morphe Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette: If you’re not familiar with the Youtube beauty community, let me just give you a quick rundown. Jaclyn Hill, one of the most well-known beauty gurus has collaborated with the brand Morphe multiple times over the past few years. Her most recent makeup collaboration was on a series called “The Vault” which consists of 4 different palettes of colors she wasn’t able to fit in her last collab.

These palettes have taken over the internet this past year. Each palette retails for only $15.00 and comes with ten different shades. At that price point, this palette definitely earns a spot in this year’s gift guide. Of the four I  recommend picking up the warm-toned palette “Ring The Alarm” as warm-toned eyeshadows have been really on trend this year.

17. Sugar Lip Scrub: This mint lip scrub from Lush has amazing reviews online (and is another personal favorite of mine). Lip care is essential, and your friend will surely thank you for helping her lips survive the harsh winter air.

18. Zodiac necklace: This dainty engraved necklace is perfect for any gal that loves astrology! It’s totally customizable, but essentially you just pick the zodiac constellation you want to be engraved. Plus you’re supporting a small Etsy business, score!!

19. Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Makeup Brush Set: In my opinion, you can never have too many makeup brushes, but this set would also be great for a beginner! It comes with five different brushes, and a storage cup to keep them all organized on a vanity.

20. Cents of Style blanket scarf: This is another awesome versatile accessory, and there are 23 different prints to choose from. Pick one up for your sister and your mom!

21. Batiste dry shampoo: Dry shampoo is essential in my day to day life. Now while that probably sounds really dramatic and over the top, this product is a game changer! I like to use it to extend the time in between hair washes and also for volume in freshly washed hair.

22. Real Techniques Makeup Sponge: At just under $5 this sponge is absolutely fantastic! I will note that the original beauty blender is still in the $25 shopping budget, but to be honest I actually find myself reaching for the Real Techniques sponge over the original beauty blender. Why spend more if you don’t have to?

23. Rollerball Perfume: Another great gift would be a rollerball of your girl’s favorite perfume. I’ve gifted my mom her favorite perfume many times in the past, and she’s always loved it. These rollerballs are perfect for throwing in the purse and touching up throughout the day. If you know her favorite perfume, definitely hook her up!

Sidenote: If you aren’t sure what kind of scents she likes, I recommend checking out this amazing deal from Sephora. It’s a perfume travel size sampler for only $25. This way she can try seven really popular perfumes and maybe even find her signature scent.

24. Universal Thread Basic Pocket tee: These are an absolute wardrobe essential. I just couldn’t create a gift guide and not include these. I know they are just basic tees, but for $8 each these are so great to stock up on! Roll up the tee and tie a fun ribbon around it and you’re set.

I found myself just picturing the Oprah “and you get a” because that is so “me” with these tees! Maybe just buy a T-shirt launcher for your holiday party while you’re at it.

25. Graphic Tee: Any graphic tee would be a super fun gift to give, but I especially love this polaroid graphic from the Junior’s department at Target. It’s also super relevant as the original Polaroid camera is officially back.

Target has so many pop culture graphic tees to choose from.

Check out a few more she’ll love!


Thanks for tuning in to this year’s first gift guide! I really enjoyed curating this list of affordable Christmas present ideas for her. If you are someone who doesn’t like shopping or maybe you just don’t know what to get someone on your list, I hope this post helped you out!

Be on the lookout for my next gift guide featuring 25 more ideas under $25 home and lifestyle edition!

Are there any other gift guides you’d like to see from me? Leave me an idea in the comment section.

Round 2 Sale Alert

Gals! I just spotted a very loved and well-known wallet on clearance at Belk. Are you sick of the sale alerts on this double clutch wallet yet? Christmas is right around the corner, and I just can’t not share such an amazing deal on one of my all-time favorite pieces.

The Hobo Lauren Wallet is currently on sale for $71.99 at Belk. The sale styles are the colors “Lemongrass” and my personal favorite “Earth”. This wallet originally retails for $128, so at almost half off it’s a complete steal! Just to put it in perspective I’ve seen multiple people sell these USED for $50 on Poshmark.

Unfortunately, all other coupon codes will not stack with this item. I tried both the $10 off $20 email code and the “SAVEMORE” code with no luck. This purchase does thankfully qualify for free shipping, and there is no code necessary.

I do want to note that Nordstrom Rack has this style of wallet listed. The styles on sale are very similar to the previous deal I posted from their site once before. Although, some of the prices are lower I personally like the colors offered on Belk best and would be willing to pay the difference for a color I liked. There are six different color options on Nordstrom Rack, so it is definitely worth checking out both sites to see what style you like best.

If you aren’t convinced how amazing this wallet is, check out why I love them so much here. It was number one recommendation on last year’s gift guide for good reason.  I am confident I will never stop recommending this wallet. Treat yourself or treat a loved one! I’m convinced you’ll thank me later.

BOGO 50% Off Women’s Boots- This Year’s Secret to an Affordable Fall Wardrobe

Affordable Fall Wardrobe Buy One Get One Half Off Fall Boots- The Galista

Fall is here, and so are the fall booties! I don’t know about you, but my absolute favorite accessory for the season is a good pair of boots.

Thankfully Target is having a buy one get one 50% off sale on all women’s boots! You’ll definitely want to stock up now!! Not only are there over 100 cute styles to choose from but guess which pair is included in the deal?!

Wenda Cut Out Booties- Universal Thread $32.99

That’s right, gals! The Wenda Cutout booties that I’ve shared so many times (and will continue to share till I’m blue in the face) are apart of the deal. If you aren’t familiar with what I love about this shoe, definitely go see what you’re missing out on in my original post.

I know you might be sick of hearing about the same shoe, so here are some of my other favorite styles I found on the site:


Jameson Double Zipper Bootie- Universal Thread $34.99

These are the perfect pair of simple brown ankle boots that you can easily pair with any outfit! A similar pair by dv for $37.99.


Kelsey Triple Buckle Cut Out Western Boots- Universal Thread $34.99

If you’re looking for something with a little more pizazz, check out these funky western style booties! I love the buckle detailing.


Indie Heeled Booties- Universal Thread $34.99

Or maybe you’ve been on the lookout for a pair of super trendy, white pointed boots! Ahhh, swoon! 3 color options.


Nikka Heeled Over the Knee Sock Boots- A New Day $44.99

We can’t forget about the long boots too. Pair these grey over the knee boots with a simple sweater dress for a put together fall look! 3 color options.



Remember these already amazing prices on boots will be even lower when you add two pairs of eligible styles to your cart. The deal goes until 10/20! Check out all qualifying styles here!

Will you be treating yourself to two new pairs of cute fall boots?

Tell me! Do you enjoy hearing about my favorite sales? I love sharing amazing deals, but I want to be helpful so I’d love to know if you enjoy these short posts or if I should focus my energy on more curated content.